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On this page you can find all the documents you need for Primary School Based training, including:

Handbook and Trainee Progress Pro Forma

Primary PGCE Handbook 2021-22 (PDF 1,172KB)

Primary Undergraduate Programme Handbook (PDF 1,904KB)

Primary UG Levels 4-6 Information Booklet (PDF 577KB)

Primary PGCE and UG Record of Performance and Development ( 56KB)

Primary PGCE Stage 1 and UG Level 4 Assessment Report (PDF 154KB)

Primary PGCE and UG Informal Classteacher Observation ( 605KB)

Primary PGCE & UG Core Placement Competencies Linked to Teachers’ Standards (PDF 236KB)

Primary PGCE and UG Evidence Trainees are Meeting Core Competancies ( 51KB)

PGCE Primary Stage 1 and UG Level 4 Development Record ( 139KB)

Primary PGCE Stage 1 UG Level 4 End of Placement Core Competencies ( 99KB)

Primary PGCE Stage 2 and UG Level 5 Development Record ( 144KB)

Primary PGCE Stage 2 and UG Level 5 End of Placement Core Competencies ( 104KB)

Primary PGCE Stage 3 and UG Level 6 Development Record ( 155KB)

Primary PGCE and UG Support Plan and Cause for Concern inc Guidance ( 74KB)

Observing Teaching and Initial School Tasks

Planning for and assessing pupils

The Broader Curriculum

English and Phonics Pro Formas

Maths Pro Formas

In The Moment Planning Pro Forma

Monitoring Pupil Progress