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Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies

The Leeds Centre for Victorian Studies has a 25-year-long reputation as an internationally-recognized centre of excellence devoted to reconsidering the concept of the Victorian for the contemporary world.

Well-known for its interdisciplinary focus, the work of the Centre queries and ​tests chronological boundaries by reconsidering conceptions of the long nineteenth century, as well as examining representations of the Victorians and reconfigurations of Victorianism in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It also tests geographical boundaries by considering what the conce​​pt of the Victorian meant on the world stage, including the British Empire. The Centre generates impactful research, bringing insights from rigorous scholarly study to bear on urgent questions of social justice and inclusion, climate change and the environment.

The Centre offers a programme of seminars, workshop events, and conferences. It is home to the MA in Victorian Studies and provides PhD supervision opportunities. It sponsors the Journal of Victorian Culture and hosts an annual lecture by a Visiting Professor: previous appointees have included Professor Peter Mandler (Cambridge), Professor Dinah Birch (Liverpool), and Professor Miles Taylor (York).

Read more about our research projects and outp​uts through the University's Research database, and also visit our blog.​

Directors and contact

LCVS Directors: Professor Karen Sayer and Professor Rev Jane de ​Gay​.

For more information, please email lcvs@leedstrinity.ac.uk

International Research Centre for Interactive Storytelling

The International Research Centre for Interactive Storytelling (IRIS) has been formed to explore new and emerging methods of storytelling through new media and technology. Our activities involve both film production and academic research. Hence, we aim to promote and facilitate dialogue between creative practice and theoretical knowledge, providing the conditions for the development of a wide range of research projects.

The research centre, although focusing on a very specific area of new media, will bring together an interdisciplinary network of researchers, practitioners and students in order to foster creative conversations around groundbreaking interactive practice.

Seminars and events

The Medium is not the Message - Technology and Theory in Creative Practice Research

Michael Schofield (University of Leeds)

26 June 2020, 2pm (Virtual seminar)

If you would like to attend this event please email: s.odorico@leedstrinity.ac.uk

Directors and contact

  • Director: Dr. Stefano Odorico
  • Co-director: Prof. Graham Roberts

For more information, please email: s.odorico@leedstrinity.ac.uk