Volunteering to be a mentor offers a wide range of professional and personal benefits. 

We offer all our students the opportunity to work with an industry mentor. Mentoring helps build their employability skills and confidence and introduces them to opportunities that they might otherwise not be exposed to.

Benefits of becoming a mentor:

  • It encourages self-reflection and personal growth. It deepens your understanding of your own skills and experiences as you share them with other.
  • Mentoring provides opportunities to develop leadership and coaching skills. Guiding someone's professional development hones your ability to lead and inspire.
  • As a mentor, you leave a lasting impact on others' careers. Your guidance can help mentees achieve their goals, and your influence continues even after the mentoring relationship ends.
  • Mentoring often involves interacting with mentees, their peers, and other mentors. This expands your professional network and can lead to new opportunities.
  • It exposes you to different viewpoints and ideas, which can inspire creativity and innovation in your own work.
  • Seeing your mentees succeed and grow can be highly rewarding, contributing to job satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.
  • Mentoring keeps you connected to current industry trends and best practices, as you need to stay informed to provide relevant guidance.

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Develop your leadership and management skills and guide the future generation into the workforce.

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Students speaking with staff from the Careers and Placements team.

Timings for the programme

September: Application for mentors open. 
November: Matching mentors with mentees takes place. 
November – February: Mentoring takes place. 

The scheme requires regular communication between both parties and we recommend a minimum of 3-hours of contact time in total. 

If you have any queries, please contact our Careers+Placements team or refer to the Mentor Handbooks below.