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The Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Service can provide you with the support and space to explore and understand your difficulties.

We can help direct you towards the most appropriate support whether that be via our qualified and experienced practitioners on campus or via local NHS and non-NHS services.

Scheduled appointments

Whether you're noticing past distress returning or you are experiencing emotional difficulties for the first time our service provides the opportunity to talk in confidence about any issues causing concern.

Your views and opinions will be respected and you will not be judged.

You can get in touch with our service with any questions or to refer yourselves either through the MyLTU app or by emailing studentwellbeing@leedstrinity.ac.uk.

Equipping you with self-help

Common problems that students may face can often be resolved with our self-help provision rather than needing to begin more formal therapy.

We offer direction to a range of self-help routes via the MyLTU app.

This can be traditional self-help guides (as both PDFs and paper versions), online courses (via Leeds NHS and Togetherall) and recommendations for useful apps and books.

We are also developing a range of self-help groups for Students alongside resilience-focused presentations delivered to Students as part of their courses.


Students at Leeds Trinity University can access free online support with Togetherall.

Togetherall is an online mental health and wellbeing service offering self-help programmes, creative outlets and a caring community through clinically mediated peer-to-peer support.

Available 24/7, it is a totally anonymous service that can provide users with a safe space, in addition the University’s own mental health and wellbeing service.​

To join this supportive online community, visit the Togetherall website and sign up with your university email address. Once you've signed up you can choose an anoymous username.