We will be a leading career-led and applied university. Our students will achieve outstanding outcomes. Our well-rounded learners and graduates will be sought by employers. They will shape a rapidly changing world. Our aim is for our graduates to contribute as active citizens of our region and the wider world.


Rooted in its Catholic foundation, Leeds Trinity is a diverse and inclusive University welcoming students from all backgrounds and beliefs which exists to provide a transformational educational experience, forming students and learners whose lives will flourish and find wholeness in their work and world.

Focused on the innate dignity and value of each person, we seek to provide our students with a distinctively supportive academic and professional community, empowering them to discover their unique gifts and talents, and so fulfil their personal and professional potential.

Our leadership and governance are committed to promoting social solidarity and the Common Good through our commitment to social justice, enhancing opportunities, collaboration, and adding value to the lives of our students, staff, and University community.

Our Catholic values are our compass. We will make a vital difference to all who engage with us. From our roots of inclusivity, care, and integrity we will shape a University fit for the future.


Rooted in our Catholic heritage, our core values define us as a University, and we seek to uphold them in all that we do.

  • Dignity and Care: We value the wellbeing, dignity, and contribution of each person by nurturing a community where students and staff can reach their full potential.
  • Solidarity and Service: We promote the Common Good by widening opportunity and participation, forming outward partnerships, and by making a positive contribution to society.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We uphold truth, honesty, and integrity, fostering personal and collective accountability by stewarding our resources well and cultivating an awareness of our responsibility for the environment and the communities around us.
  • Respect and Inclusivity: We demonstrate our inclusivity by promoting equality in the opportunities we offer, in the right of everyone to contribute and by cultivating a safe community rooted in a culture of mutual respect.
  • Knowledge and Excellence: We aspire to stimulate keen scholarship and the pursuit of academic excellence by providing the highest standards of teaching, learning and research and by continuously improving on our performance.

Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Our Strategic Plan 2021-2026 sets out our ambitions and intentions, focusing on the four Strategic Pillars of:

  • Education and Experience
  • People and Sustainability
  • Research, Impact and Innovation
  • Careers and Enterprise

These are supported by the two key themes of Digital Futures and the Leeds City Region. Six distinct objectives with ambitious measures of success have been set to track progress.

You can download the Strategic Plan 2021-2026 and the Strategic Plan Overview below.