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Welcome to IRIS

The International Research Centre for Interactive Storytelling (IRIS) promotes and supports creative research into the use and application of storytelling in media and technology. It has been formed to explore new, alternative and emerging methods of storytelling in an interdisciplinary and multi-perspectival context. 

The research centre brings together an interdisciplinary network of researchers, practitioners, industry partners and students in order to ​foster creative conversations around ground-breaking research in contemporary media forms. Furthermore, it aims to promote dialogue between creative practice and theoretical knowledge as related forms of research work and provides the conditions for fully developing a wide range of possible projects. 

The centre offers research seminars, workshops and conferences. It also welcomes PhD candidates in its members’ areas of research, including film studies, documentary studies, audience analysis, visual ethnography, digital education, visual communication and journalism.

Some of our current core enquires are:

  • the impact of “the Digital” in real world contexts.
  • new forms in immersive and interactive narrative media
  • design, creation and distribution of story events (in transmedia and social media)

Directors and contact