Research documents

On this page you can find all policies and documents related to research, including:

Knowledge Exchange forms can be found on the Knowledge Exchange Ethics documents page.


Policies and procedures

Code of Practice for the Research Excellence Framework 2021 (PDF 427KB)

Code of Practice for the Research Excellence Frameork 2021 Post Covid-19 (PDF 558KB)

Open Access Policy (PDF 192KB)

Takedown Procedure (PDF 172KB)

Research Data Management Policy (PDF 91KB)

Research Degree Handbook (PDF 694KB)

Research, Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Strategy (PDF 406KB)

Research Participants Privacy Notice (PDF 143KB)

Annual Review Post Transfer Guidance (PDF 273KB)

Briefings for external examiners (PDF 84KB)

Criteria for the appointment of examiners and independent chairs (PDF 215KB)

Criteria for the formation of a Research Centre ( 121KB)

Disagreement between Research Degree Examiners (PDF 83KB)

Eligibility for PGR Supervision (PDF 108KB)

Guide to Solely and Joint authored publications (PDF 110KB)

Guide to the thesis examination process (PDF 541KB)

Instructions to examiners for research degree examinations (PDF 583KB)

LTU Protocol Practice Led and based PhD study (PDF 197KB)

PGR attendance monitoring policy / presumed withdrawn procedure (PDF 133KB)

PGR Suspension and Extension Policy (PDF 228KB)

PGR transfer & viva Video Streaming Policy (PDF 149KB)

Reasonable Adjustment and Support for PGR Level Assessment/Examination (PDF 162KB)

Guide to Solely & Joint authored publications (PDF 110KB)

Master by Research Protocol (PDF 108KB)

Postgraduate Research Protocol for Research Degree Candidatures (PDF 199KB)

Submitting your thesis early (PDF 110KB)

Transfer assessment panel guidance (PDF 345KB)

Visiting Research Fellow, Professor and Emeritus appointment process and nomination form ( 132KB)

Research Ethics documents

Research and Knowledge Exchange Ethics and Integrity Policy (PDF 194KB)

Research Ethics Application Form for Staff and Postgraduate ( 150KB)

Research Ethics Application Form for Undergraduate Students ( 58KB)

Research Ethics Application Form for Taught Student Research Modules ( 125KB)

Research Ethics Application Guideline for Undergraduate Students ( 141KB)

Research Ethics Consent Form ( 112KB)

Research Ethics Debrief Form (PDF 73KB)

Research Ethics Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) Research Guidelines ( 166KB)

Research Ethics Participant Information Sheet ( 115KB)

Research Ethics Participant Reimbursement Guidelines (PDF 83KB)

Research Ethics Self-Assessment Form for Staff and Postgraduate ( 126KB)

Research Ethics Submission Checklist ( 55KB)

Research Misconduct Policy (PDF 152KB)

The use of email to recruit research participants (PDF 142KB)