Iqra Rustam at Leeds Trinity University

I came to study at Leeds Trinity University because it is one of the best teaching schools in West Yorkshire. It was my first choice due to the support that would be given to me and I just wouldn't be known as a number but as an individual with a passion for teaching. I was given a conditional offer and it was my first choice. The academic drive for success was very appealing and because I wanted to be in an environment that was out of my comfort zone I decided that Leeds Trinity was the one.

My most memorable moment from Leeds Trinity has to be the friendships I have made. I have met some wonderful people during my course and being the only Asian in my group, I have gained confidence when it comes to speaking my mind and sharing my thoughts. As a minority student and feeling out of my comfort zone, lecturers always reassured me that my opinions were valued, which helped me to thrive during my time at Leeds Trinity.

I came to University wanting to breakdown some of the stereotypes that are often associated with Muslim women. It was fantastic to share what my religion teaches me, and I noticed how my friendship group had little awareness of my beliefs and my religion and they were super eager to ask questions. I welcomed all the questions and it was fantastic to celebrate the similarities and differences we all had and the respect and love we developed for each other.

I have secured a job as a class teacher in my local community (in Bradford). My intention coming to University was to build aspiration within my community. I want to make a difference and show that if you are hardworking and dedicated you can become successful no matter who you are or where you are from.

In the future I would like to travel and teach children from all types of backgrounds - to embrace and learn from the amazing and unique cultures we have around the world.

Leeds Trinity has definitely given me confidence, it has enabled me to see my capabilities and celebrate the skills and talent I have. It has developed me as a professional and given me the skills to do what I love and what I am passionate about. I have made some wonderful friends here at Unviersity and I wish them nothing but success for their future. 

My advice to current and future students at Leeds Trinity is: "Keep being you, never doubt yourself or your capabilities, have fun, work hard and success will come!"

Iqra Rustam graduated with a degree in Primary Education in July 2019. She joined Leeds Trinity University in 2016 and her confidence grew throughout her time on the Primary Education programme, following successful school placements, support from her tutors and sheer determination. She is now a primary school teacher in Bradford. 

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