​​​It's important to remember that students usually have a low income. The first student finance instalment may seem like a small fortune, but don't forget it's got to last you until the next instalment which will be more than three months away.

You can see Leeds Trinity students sharing their experiences in the video below, and access some useful money tips that will help you plan and budget for student life. The information and advice in these pages is applicable to UK full-time undergraduate students only.

Income and Council Tax

​​​​​​​Maximise your income while you’re a student with our top tips on how to generate some much-needed extra cash.​​


You may wish to open a student bank account with an interest-free overdraft. It's important that you check the actual conditions of an overdraft as some may only be interest-free up to a certain level.

Overdrafts for students are on average £500–£1,000 for the first year, increasing to £1,500 in your final year.

Advice on finding the right student bank account can be found on the Money Saving Expert website. Be aware that if you don't manage your account, your bank can refuse to extend your overdraft in subsequent academic years and/or remove your overdraft facility.

Part-time work

Most students have to work part-time in order to be able to afford to live. In fact, the Government expects that most students will contribute to their own budget by working part-time.

Leeds Trinity's myFuture Team are here to support you with careers and employability advice, including skills such as job searching, CV writing and interview preparation that are hepful in securing part-time work.

Universal Credit and Benefits

Most full-time students are not eligible to claim any welfare benefits from the Government. Full-time students who are lone parents, or who are receiving Personal Independence Payments (and are classed as being unable to work), fall into categories of students who can apply for Universal Credit. Some of your student income (and other income) will count in the assessment.

If you are currently in receipt of any benefits, then it's important that you contact the relevant benefits agency to advise them that you are becoming a student and inform them of your student finance income.

As a student, you may be exempt from paying Council Tax.

  • All full-time UK, EU and international students are usually exempt from paying Council Tax.
  • Part-time students are not exempt from paying Council Tax.
  • If you live in a house with, for example, five students and two non-students, the two non-students would be eligible for the full Council Tax bill.
  • If you live with your partner (who is not a full-time student) and there are no other adults in the property, then your partner (provided they themselves are not exempt from Council Tax) would be liable for the Council Tax bill but would receive a 25% single person discount on the bill (as there is only one person liable for Council Tax in the property as you are a full-time student).
  • There are exceptions to this rule, for example, if you rent out a property or have two homes.

For m​ore information visit the Council Tax information pages for students on the UK Government website.

Also see their general information about Council Tax.

Local Leeds, Bradford or Wakefield councils

Leeds Trinity will automatically inform your council that you're a student if you live in the local area of Leeds, Bradford or Wakefield, after you've been fully registered on your course.

In order to claim your council tax exemption, please complete the online student discount exemption forms from LeedsBradford or Wakefield council websites. 

If you live in other areas, you will be able to get a council tax exemption letter from Leeds Trinity once you've registered on your course, to provide to your local council.

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You can contact the Leeds Trinity Money Advice service with your questions and queries by email: studentfinance@leedstrinity.ac.uk.