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Wellbeing Officer, Shaw Trust

I have developed enormously since I first came to Leeds Trinity in 2016. This ranges from my academic skills and writing, to my personal and professional development. I am now so much more confident, resilient and capable.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

I chose to study at Leeds Trinity as I instantly felt at ease when visiting campus on an open day. I then returned for an applicant visit and summer university, and I began to feel at home. Everyone was so friendly and supportive, and the staff were all very inspiring. I also liked how I was guaranteed a place in halls which removed the stress of house hunting, and the course had no exams which was a big relief for me as I perform more effectively through other forms of assessment.

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My best student memories

My standout favourite memory was undergraduate graduation - I loved celebrating everything we had all achieved together. I have also been lucky enough to make amazing friends who I have shared countless memories with, some of which I made through being an ambassador. This role holds good memories also, as we were able to meet and speak with many people from various schools and walks of life.

The benefit of placements

I completed my first-year placement at a nursery, and my second-year placement at a SEN school. Both allowed me to develop both my professional and employability skills and gave me references for future jobs. I also continued to work in my first placement over the summer. I developed my confidence and was able to put into practice what we had been learning. Working in the SEN school built upon my interest in supporting and working with people facing challenges- I also learnt Makaton!

Why I chose to embark on an MA at Leeds Trinity

I chose to study the MA Mental Health in Children and Young People after enjoying my undergraduate course. I was already familiar with Bev, the course leader, who had taught me in third year. I knew how knowledgeable, inspiring and supportive she was. I also developed a desire to delve further into the sector of mental health, building upon the experiences I had working at the SEN school with children facing social, emotional and mental health difficulties, aswell as experiences such as speaking at a Go Higher West Yorkshire event about mental health.

Working at Leeds Trinity

I worked as a Student Ambassador throughout my time as a student, and after graduating took on the role as a Student Liaison Officer in Student Support. I loved working as an ambassador as I made friends with students in other years and courses, who I might not have known otherwise. It also allowed me to feel more immersed in university life. I loved how every shift was different- they ranged from helping school children carry out science experiments, to travelling around the country for UCAS and careers fairs. I could work as much or little as I wanted to, which allowed me to balance this with my academic work effectively.

In my role after graduating, I have supported students through the various challenges of studying through a pandemic. Having become familiar with a lot of the university services as an ambassador and using my own experiences and challenges of studying- it felt a natural step. In July 2021 I secured the role of Wellbeing Officer at Shaw Trust.

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Skills I developed at Leeds Trinity

I have developed enormously since I first came to Leeds Trinity in 2016. This ranges from my academic skills and writing, to my personal and professional development. I am now so much more confident, resilient and capable. Moving to a completely new city, and every challenge I faced was met with support and encouragement from both staff and peers. I was able to utilise the transferrable skills I built up throughout my studies, placement and employment for the Student Liaison role.

My advice for prospective students

My advice would be to apply, and then take every opportunity you can! I was very hesitant about whether I was academic enough for a degree, or whether I would be able to cope moving away from home, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Any skills you feel you do not have yet are built up throughout your time, in a supportive manner. What once seemed an unattainable challenge ahead turned out to be one of the most rewarding, enjoyable times of my life! My only wish is now that I could rewind and do it all again!