The Leeds Anchor Network brings together some of the city’s largest organisations, including Leeds City Council, the NHS and academic institutions, to make a difference for people across the city. Leeds Trinity University joined the network in 2019 and we are pleased to be able to work alongside the anchor institutions to make a difference as an employer, through procurement, service delivery or as a civic partner.

What is an Anchor institution?

Anchor institutions are big and locally rooted organisations like councils, colleges, universities, hospitals and big businesses with local HQs.

Together they employ hundreds of thousands of people, spend hundreds of millions of pounds, own and manage land and assets and deliver vital services. They have a long history in their places and are unlikely to move. They have a big impact on local communities and economies and are pivotal to their success and wellbeing.

In addition, smaller community organisations and businesses can act as vital ‘community anchors’,  especially when located in disadvantaged communities. They too have a positive and lasting local presence, support local communities and connect residents to opportunities.

What impact can Anchor institutions make?

Anchor institutions make a positive contribution to a local area by just being there. However, the decisions they make about how they operate can make that contribution a far bigger one, and one which can support growth and inclusion hand in hand, significantly adding to local employment, business growth, skills, incomes, health and wellbeing.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Egbu on the University's role in the network:

“We are proud to be a member of the Leeds Anchor Network and work with some of the region’s biggest organisations to make a positive difference for people across the city. This means delivering more for Leeds as an employer, through procurement, service delivery and as a civic partner.

“Leeds Trinity University’s Strategic Plan for 2021-2026 is underpinned by our work in the Leeds City Region. Being an anchor institution means that our civic role is core to what we and our partners do. As part of our plans, we look forward to collaborating with businesses around research and knowledge exchange to help them innovate, and engaging with local agencies to build economic development and productivity. We have a strong part to play in forming new businesses and meeting skills needs, and I look forward to growing the contribution of our University in the coming years.”