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The Chapel

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​​​​​​​Situated to the right of the main entrance is the Chapel. The pointing spire with a simple cross on top ​is a visible mark of the University’s Catholic status. The Chapel has provided a place of peace and contemplation at the heart of campus, bringing meaning and life to Leeds Trinity University’s community.
The Chapel is run by the Chaplaincy​​ for daily Mass and worship gatherings that encourage community celebration, fellowship and sharing. It's also a space for occasional events such as weddings and baptisms.


The Chapel was opened and dedicated on 13 July 1968 when Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham was Principal Celebrant at the concelebrated Solemn Votive Mass of the Most Holy Trinity.

The architects handed over the Chapel to the University to be enriched and adorned with furniture and fittings designed and made by staff members. The artistic process was seen as a celebration of the glory of God and the revelation of the Divine Mysteries that builds up the Church community. ​

Building features

Internally, the Chapel is hexagonal shaped with meeting rooms, chapels, vestries and other amenities around the edges. The hexagon shape is symbolic of creation and completion. The six sides represent the six days of creation. We are the final act of God's creation and occupy the middle ground.​

The roof panels and floor are tessellations of triangles. This ancient symbol represents the Holy Trinity in the Chapel.​



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