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Freedom of Information

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​Leeds Trinity University is a public authority that is obliged to meet the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.

Every Higher Education Institution (HEI) is required to specify what information they publish under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, including how the information is made available and whether it is available free of charge or needs to be purchased. 
The Act makes two provisions:
  • Leeds Trinity University should maintain a list of all the information it makes available as a matter of routine known as the Publication Scheme.
  • Any person that makes a request for information is entitled to be informed in writing whether the University holds the information of the description specified or not. The response is communicated within a specified time limit when the information is held by Leeds Trinity.

Publication Scheme

Leeds Trinity follows the model Publication Scheme introduced by the UK's Information Commissioner on 1 January 2009 for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act.

Searching the Publication Scheme

We have collected all our information into Classes of Information to provide easy access. Our Publication Scheme allows you to browse and see what information is available. You can access the information on the website once you've located what you need. Where direct access is not possible, you'll be told how the information can be obtained.

Publication​ Scheme item charges

Information that we make available online through the website is free of charge. The user will have to meet any charges from personal use like internet service provider and printing costs.

Publication Scheme documents are also available for those without internet access together with any documents that are not available through the website.


Provisi​o​n of the printed website page or the original hard copy version of a publication will incur charges to cover the cost of duplication, administration and postage. Any charges that are payable in advance will be calculated on the following basis.

Printed copy charges will be made for duplication, admin and postage where the number of pages exceeds 14. Charges are £5 for the first 15 pages plus an additional 25p for each additional page requested. All charges are subject to VAT.

Higher charges may apply if the cost to the University of retrieving the information exceeds £450, which is the Appropriate Limit set by the government. The Publication Scheme has further details of fees.

Make a request to the Freedom of Information Office by post or at


A copyright licence will apply from Leeds Trinity if you would like to reuse or reproduce our publications, for example for commercial or educational purposes.

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