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​Make a positive social impact in your career with a Psychology degree. We offer a number of pathways in Psychology, giving you the chance to gain a broad understanding of Psychology or specialise in Counselling, Child Development, Sport, Forensic or Health.

You’ll learn from active researchers with extensive industry experience, who’ll work with you to develop your knowledge and research skills. You’ll get practical experience in our industry-standard psychological facilities, including dedicated psychology laboratories and observation rooms.

Undergraduate Psychology courses:

Counselling Psychology

You'll explore the relationship between theoretical psychology and counselling, considering the practice of counselling psychology in the wider social, political, economic and international context. We'll teach you about the wider issues affecting the counsellor and the client, focusing on their interpersonal relationship and the personal development needs of both.

Forensic Psychology

You'll cover the core theories and themes in psychology, as well as exploring specialist forensic psychology topics which include theories of crime, risk assessment and treatment of offenders, forensic mental health, self-harm and suicide in prisons, and offending behaviour programmes.

Health Psychology

Designed in accordance with the British Psychological Society (BPS) curriculum, our Health Psychology degree will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a rewarding career in health psychology. You'll cover the core areas of psychology, which include biological, cognitive, developmental, and social psychology. You'll explore the concept of individual differences, as well as learning about the various research methods that underpin psychology.


You'll get a thorough understanding of how psychology is used in international contexts, together with how psychological practice and research differs across diverse cultures and societies. This international and cross-cultural focus will enable you to critically explore how psychology can be used to create positive change in the world.

Psychology and Business

You'll learn about the core areas of psychology, such as social psychology, personality and intelligence, while studying a range of modules in business and marketing. You'll study a specialist module in Business Psychology, as well as sharpening your skills in the digital business revolution with e-Business and e-Marketing modules.

Psychology and Child Development

You'll cover the core theories and themes of psychology, while studying specialist modules in educational psychology. We'll help you to develop your critical and analytical skills by linking theory to practice. You'll also complete two professional work placements during your degree, applying your skills and knowledge in child-centred organisations.

Psychology and Criminology

Psychology and Criminology are two major social sciences which seek to explain human behaviour. When you study them together, you'll develop an understanding of the psychological, sociological and criminological explanations of crime and deviance. You'll apply this understanding to individual offenders and their treatment, as well as exploring psychology's potential role in reducing crime.

Psychology and Sociology

Studying Psychology and Sociology gives you the chance to develop your knowledge and understanding of two of the key disciplines in the field of social sciences. You'll explore the traditional areas of each discipline, such as inequality, social stratification, deviance and punishment. You'll also learn about the more contemporary fields such as terrorism, environmentalism, global politics, gender and sexuality, and childhood studies.

Sport Psychology

Immerse yourself in an exciting and ever-expanding topic of research and academic study. We'll teach you the key concepts and theories of sport psychology, as well as giving you a comprehensive grounding in all core areas of psychology. This approach will enable you to learn to consider how key areas of psychology apply to all levels of sport, from grassroots football to Olympic competition.

Placements opportunities

We’re one of only a few UK universities to include professional work placements with every degree. This means that you’ll graduate with professional experience, without having to take a sandwich year out.

Our students can complete placements at a wide range of organisations across the UK and abroad. These include healthcare organisations, children’s services, mental health organisations and the NHS, as well as charities such as Oxfam, The Samaritans and Alzheimer’s Society.

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