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Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

BA Single Honours

Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Overview

Does God exist? What is free will? What values should we hold in today’s technologically advanced society? In an evolving, complex world, the understanding of these questions is crucial for shaping our future.

Studying a degree in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion will give you the opportunity to develop a critical understanding of the world as you explore the meaning of life, the relationship between religion and the State, as well as the ethical methods needed to determine what values we should hold in a complex, ever changing society.

Engaging in topical debates and lively discussions, your subject will be brought to life by active researchers with a range of expertise. Learning in small groups, you’ll receive the personal student support that we are renowned for and develop the in-demand key transferable skills that employers are looking for.

“Two work placements, the opportunity to study abroad and the chance to experience the fun of being in a society – it’s all part of the Leeds Trinity experience!”

Hannah Poole
Philosophy, Ethics and Religion
BA (Hons)

Course overview

Who am I? How should I live? Is there a God? Is religious belief credible in the 21st century and why is it still with us?

In a world where meaning is often ‘hidden’ or involves a complicated analytical response, it’s essential that we spend the time trying to engage with who we are and what values we want to hold as individuals in today’s complex society.

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UCAS tariff points

Start date(s)
2021, 2022


Study abroad

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Full time (3 years)
With Foundation year (4 years)

Your Subject Focus Day

Your Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Subject Focus Day will be brought to you by Shyane Siriwardena, who is a Lecturer of Philosophy at Leeds Trinity University.

We would advise you to read through the instructions before starting your activity. If you encounter any issues with accessing the documents below then please email SCLHello@leedstrinity.ac.uk.


Task Instructions

  1. There are 5 videos below, please watch them in the order as they appear on screen.
  2. When you watch the first video, you will meet Shyane who will guide you through your Subject Focus Day.
  3. After the 2nd video Shyane will ask you to refer to the PowerPoint. Please instead watch the next video - Ethical Dilemma Task.
  4. Please open the attached Word Document (Philosophy Worksheet), with further explanation of one of the tasks and all the links you need.


Philosophy Worksheet
Microsoft Word · 28KB

Philosophy - Part 1: About Us

Philosophy - Part 2: Activity

Ethical Dilemma Task

Philosophy - Part 3: Philosophical Perspectives

Philosophy - Part 4: Independent Study



We hope you enjoyed the activity and you were able to increase your knowledge and understanding of the subject area. The competition instructions are provided in the activity above, please refer back to this for more information. Please submit your entry to the competition by emailing SCLCompetitions@leedstrinity.ac.uk.

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