If you’ve applied to study either age phase PGCE Primary degree and have met the entry criteria, you will be invited to attend an interview. 

Once you have completed your interview we will be able to make a decision about your offer.

We are currently conducting all our PGCE Primary interviews by Teams.

PGCE Primary University-led interview 

There are two key parts to the University-led interview: a ‘show and tell’ type activity and an individual discussion. The interview is designed to be a safe, friendly environment where you can demonstrate your potential to train to teach.

Your interview will last up to an hour and your interviewer will be one of our experienced primary education tutors, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the course as part of the interview.

‘Show and tell’ resource activity

The first part of your interview is your chance to show what you know about supporting children’s learning. You are invited to choose a high-quality, interesting children’s reading book (relevant to the children’s age range you have applied to train to teach) and design a reading activity based on introducing and sharing the book with children.

We’re not looking for a polished teacher performance here – what’s important is that you have an awareness of how children learn and the role of the teacher in scaffolding learning and providing interesting stimuli.


In the discussion, your interviewer will ask you some more detailed questions about your understanding of teaching and the role of the class teacher. We love talking about teaching – and we’re interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions about what’s happening currently in the world of primary education. Be prepared to talk about yourself and why you think you’d make a great teacher. It’s always good to prepare to talk about a particular issue in education that interests you – and don’t be afraid to ask questions too!

Preparing for your interview

Successful applicants at this stage tend to have a good awareness of the primary curriculum taught in schools through research and time spent in schools talking to teachers and pupils. Successful applicants are also personable, able to communicate clearly and succinctly, and are well-presented.

If you are successful, you will be informed in writing within seven days.

​School Direct interviews

For information on the School Direct interview process, please visit your chosen school provider website. You will be contacted directly by your school with details of your interview, including how to prepare.


Got a question?

If you have any questions about PGCE interviews or the admissions process, please contact the admissions team on 0113 283 7123 or ITTadmissions@leedstrinity.ac.uk.

Pre-course audits for applicants holding a conditional offer