Here you can find information about courses funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) via the [re]boot project, managed by West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Are you interested in upskilling in your current role or starting a new career?

[re]boot will offer you the chance to upskill, gain new skills/qualifications and enter employment within four of the key regional sectors:

  • digital
  • creative
  • construction
  • engineering/manufacturing

Each course is free and you will gain new skills and qualifications, and improve your chances of progressing your career. 

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Case Studies

Find out how [re]boot has helped people get new skills and change careers.

Bethh Oliver took part in Leeds Trinity’s [re]boot TV Production course, back in September 2020. At 25 years old, she was keen to develop her knowledge and skills in an area she was familiar with, due to completing a Film and TV course at University. Her main motivation for joining the [re]boot course was upskilling in her current role; however, Bethh had previously met the course leader, Alison Hobbs, through her work experience at Wise Owl Productions. Due to Ali’s lived experiences in TV Production, Bethh knew the course would provide an interesting yet realistic idea of what TV Production roles consist of, and she was not disappointed: “The content of the course covered all the elements that you’d need to know [for TV Production]. They also got so many people who work in the industry who talked about the challenges the job role can bring.”

Whilst on the course, Bethh worked as an account manager for UK Locations which is a location agency in Leeds; however, she has recently secured a digital producer role for ASDA. Bethh stated that the course provided transferable skills due to the fact the course leaders used “real-life case studies that they had worked on before, to help us see how things would work in situ.” Due to this, Bethh is keen to apply these skills within her new role. 

Going forward, Bethh would like to move into a role that encompasses both producing and digital marketing. Ali looked over the participants’ CVs which Bethh found beneficial, and “[the course leaders] discussed the local production companies in Leeds and suggested speculative emails are a good idea when looking for jobs.”

Overall, Bethh thoroughly enjoyed the course and stated that her favourite aspect were the optional scenario tasks that were provided throughout the six weeks: “It was really beneficial due to using examples of shows they had worked on previously to allow you to apply your own ideas and then they would go through the process of what they actually did for comparison.”

Back in November 2019, 29-year-old Clemence Ledhuy decided to take part in Leeds Trinity’s [re]boot TV Production course. After completing a degree in Art and Media in France and travelling for six years, she found it hard to find work. So, when Clemence came across the course online, she jumped at the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge, and she was not disappointed: “there was an incredible amount of information shared despite it only being four hours, for six weeks.”

After completing the course, Clemence stated that the support and guidance she received from the course instructor, Glynn Middleton, was invaluable, as he forwarded job adverts and checked over her CV to ensure it was industry ready. Clemence currently works as a production secretary for local production company, True North, and she stated, “I’ve got the job I’ve got now because [Glynn] sent it to me. He was like a mentor, rather than just a teacher. You could really feel he was passionate about giving us all the information.”

Even though her background is not in TV, the course laid the foundations of TV production, and provided a detailed overview of the different aspects: “it gave me the basic knowledge and the fundamental skills [to operate within the job]”. It developed transferable skills also such as problem solving that Clemence has utilised in current role, as well as any future roles she may have. Going forward, Clemence’s goal is to become a production manager, but there is scope within her current position to move into more of a coordinator role; therefore, Clemence is excited to see where her current position will take her.

Overall, Clemence thoroughly enjoyed the course and stated that her favourite aspect was the chance to network with external professionals, who were guests in the sessions. Their understanding of the roles and challenges involved in TV production provided a clear picture of what to expect when working in the industry: “[the course] provided a realistic view of the profession, incorporating technical and practical experiences that were appropriately pitched for those partaking. I thoroughly enjoyed the experiential learning aspect of the course and I have already recommended the course to others.”

At 46 years old, Alan Ingham was looking to refresh his knowledge and skills in an area he had worked in for some time: digital coding. He decided to take part in Leeds Trinity’s [re]boot digital coding course at the start of 2021, after looking at the course structure and being interested in what it entailed. Due to COVID-19, the course was moved online; however, Alan stated that this was beneficial for him to provide flexibility.

Alan’s main motivation for completing the course was to improve his general employability: “I wanted to focus on my career long term and job stability is not particularly great currently, so I wanted to ensure my skills were relevant for today’s market. The skills I previously used may not be relevant today.” The course exceeded these expectations by giving Alan a better understanding of current core technologies and simple development tools that underpin web development, as well as delving into aspects Alan has heard of but not previously used, such as Java Script and HTML Due to this, Alan stated that, “it was a good course for someone who was starting out but also for someone like me who needed a refresher.”

Alan currently works for a software company, as a software tester, but hopes to move into web development or testing in the future. Through the course, Alan has been able to apply his refreshed knowledge to his current position, but it has also impacted his personal activities: “I have updated a [previously made] website for a peer-support group in Colne, which I revamped using the skills I learnt from the course.” Alan thanks the course leaders for giving people the time and space to learn at their own pace.

Overall, Alan found the course interesting and informative and stated “it was really good at helping me get back in touch with an area that I have done previously.” Alan advised he  would certainly recommend the course to someone who is looking to develop their coding knowledge and skills, and this relates to both novices and beginners.

Sian Gilroy Pool took part in Leeds Trinity’s [re]boot TV Production course, back in September 2020. At 58 years old, she was keen to develop her knowledge and skills in an area she was familiar with, due to working in TV previously and production currently. Her main motivation for joining the [re]boot course was to improve her general employability: “from March 2020 to January 2021 I was on furlough, so I was looking for something to fill my day and brain to keep it active.” Sian was impressed with the course structure and the number of guest speakers who joined the sessions, as well as Ali Hobbs, the course leader: “Ali was a 10/10 because you could tell she had great joy in her career which made it more personal.”

Sian currently works as a planning administrator at Opera North, where she has worked for some time due to it fitting in with her lifestyle as a working mother. Now Sian is ready to branch out, and states: “but the issue is getting a position at the appropriate level and salary.” Since completing the course, Sian has had two interviews with the BBC, which she credits to Ali, who she had a 1:1 chat with after the session and who edited her CV to make it “industry ready”.

Equally, Sian stated that the course “made me reflect on the job that I do currently and [has] given me more confidence in my current skill set and how this can be applied to TV production roles”. The course highlighted the skills Sian currently has and how these can be transferable, which was an unexpected benefit of doing the course.

Overall, Sian found the course excellent, and thoroughly enjoyed the discussions that were had amongst the course attendees, course leader and external guests: “I enjoyed being surrounded with like-minded people who were genuinely interested in each other’s views.” She recommends the course and feels it would be perfect for anyone looking to upskill but also for those who are fresh out of university and are unsure what career path to choose and what roles are available to them. 


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