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Leeds Trinity University Library has a mixture of physical and online resources.

Physical resources are grouped into collections, which may each have different borrowing criteria.


Most of the items on your reading lists are in the Mainstock collection.

Books on the same subject are grouped together using a numbering system (Dewey).

Mainstock begins on the ground floor and continues on the other floors.

If you want to find a book in the Library you need to check the shelfmark in the catalogue first.

The shelfmark is a number and the first three letters of the author's surname.

There is a notice by the lift to tell you on which floor you will find the numbers that you are looking for.

Mainstock items can be borrowed for two weeks.

Items with a pink sticker on the spine can be borrowed for one week.

Items marked reference can be used anywhere in the Library but can't be borrowed.

Items can be renewed as many times as you want, except if someone else has reserved it - then you need to bring it back by the due date.

Multimedia, film and television

A collection of films, documentaries and television series in DVD format.

Films and television series are shelved in alphabetical order by title with films first followed by television series.

Items can be borrowed for two weeks and renewals are unlimited, as long as no-one has reserved the item.

Print journals

The library has some current print journals.

These can be found at the end of Mainstock on the second floor.

The current issue of some education journals is displayed in Classroom Resources.

The current issue of some media journals is displaying in the Media Centre.

Search for print journals by title in the books search box.

Theses and dissertations

The library has a selection of dissertations from previous years.

These are located in display cases and need to be requested at the help desk.

They are available for use in the library only and may not be photocopied.

The library holds dissertations for the following subject areas:

  • MA Education
  • Master of Business Studies
  • MA Journalism
  • MA Victorian Studies

To search for them in the Library catalogue you can enter "Leeds Trinity dissertation collection" or "Leeds education dissertation", for example.

Classroom resources

A teaching collection which supports education students, particularly on placement.

The loan period for most of the items in this collection is six weeks.

Items can be renewed as long as another borrower has not reserved them.

Material available to support your teaching includes:

  • picture books
  • reading books
  • topic books
  • big books for storytelling sessions
  • story sacks

Print newspapers

The library has print copies of the following newspapers:

  • Catholic Universe
  • Daily Mail
  • Guardian
  • The Times
  • Yorkshire Post

Previous copies are kept for approximately six months on the shelves outside IT3.

During vacations the library has print copies of the following newspapers:

  • Catholic Universe
  • Guardian
  • Yorkshire Post

Display cases

Some library items are shelved in locked display cases, such as Leeds Trinity dissertations and fragile or valuable items.

If an item is held in a display case this is indicated in the catalogue.

If you want to look at an item in a display case, please ask for it at the help desk.

Display case items are for use in the library only and may not be photocopied.

Exam papers

The library has a collection of past exam papers.

The most recent five years in hard copy are on the Quick Reference shelves at 378.42 LEE.

Previous years are located in the Closed Stack and can be requested at the help desk.

Digitised copies of the last two years of exam papers are available from the Past Exam Papers page in Moodle.

Ebooks and ejournals

Finding ebooks

Use the books search box in the library catalogue to find ebooks you have access to.

Patron-driven acquisition (PDA) ebooks are available to preview and if lots of people want to read a title, it is automatically purchased.

We also have access to historical ebooks via the following databases:

Copyright law limits the number of pages of an ebook you can print, copy and view.

Finding journal articles

Search the EBSCO Discovery Service for ejournals.

If you don't find what you're looking for straight away, think around your topic and try out different keywords.

Are you being too general? Or too specific? A combination of general and specific keywords often works best.

If you are looking for a particular journal article, type the author's surname and a few keywords from the article title.

Copying the entire reference may not bring up the article at first.

Off-campus access

If you are directed to the Leeds Trinity login screen, enter your University username@leedstrinity.ac.uk and password.


Leeds Trinity may not have access to the entire run of the ejournal so the date range is specified next to each link.

They may also be an embargo (or 'full-text delay') on the most recent issues or volumes - normally from six to 18 months.

Some ejournals and ebooks (and some databases) require you to enter different usernames and passwords to your Leeds Trinity login.


Staff and students members of the library have access to dozens of databases ranging from newspapers to criminal justice abstracts to maths resources.

If you are asked to log in, it will normally be your Leeds Trinity username and password. If you need to register, you should use your Leeds Trinity email address.

You can see which databases are relevant to your course on the My subject page and also view the full A-Z list of databases on the library website.

Troubleshooting and reporting access problems

Email us at eresources@leedstrinity.ac.uk with the following information to help us to investigate and resolve the problem more quickly:

  • where are you working?
    • tell us if you only encounter this problem when working off-campus or on-campus or both
  • what device are you using?
    • Laptop, MacBook, desktop pc/mac, iPad, Surface, tablet or mobile?
  • what operating system are you using?
    • Microsoft Windows 10? Apple iOS 11? Google Android 6?
  • what browser are you using?
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Apple's Safari? Opera?
  • what route did you take?
    • Did you try to access the resource from Moodle?
    • Did you google the resource?
    • Did you access the resource from the library website - from the Journals search, the books search, the databases A-Z?
    • Did you go via RemoteAccess?
  • describe the problem in detail
    • include the full details of the resource/article/book you were trying to access or the search you were trying to do
  • copy any error messages including the URL from the address bar
  • provide screenshots - this is the most useful thing you can do

These are some of the error messages you may come across when using the journals search, also known as the EBSCO Discovery Service.

Error in HttpHandler

This usually means that a cookie on your computer has been corrupted or is causing conflict with the EBSCO site.

You should close all windows, open a new browser session, clear your browser cache and cookies and try again.

A system problem has occurred

This usually happens when you use the back button instead of the internal navigation, which may cause the session to expire.

You should close the window and repeat the search.

Application Level Exception

This is an internal EBSCO system error which may be temporary.

You should start a new session and clear your browser cache and cookies. If you still get the error, please report it to us.

404 Not Found

If you click on a full-text link and get this message, it often means that there is a problem with the link itself either due to the URL syntax or an indexing issue.

Try starting a new session in another browser and report if the error persists.

EBSCO Login page

If you click on a link in Moodle and are presented with the EBSCO login page rather than the Leeds Trinity login page, please report the error to the Digitisation team.

To access the article select Shibboleth Login, choose Leeds Trinity University from the list and you will be directed to the Leeds Trinity login page.

When something goes wrong with an online resource there are a few things you can try:

  • close all browser windows and start a new session
    • sometimes your session has timed out, there has been a temporary glitch, or a temporary problem with a cookie on your computer
  • clear your browser cache and cookies
  • try another browser
    • there may be a browser compatibility problem so if you're using Safari, for example, try Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.
  • try a different route
    • if you googled the resource or clicked on a link from Moodle, try going directly to the library website or using RemoteAccess when off-campus
  • check your access rights
    • if you find a resource via a search engine you'll need to find out where to log in - normally Institution / Shibboleth login - and find out if your Leeds Trinity login gives you access to the full-text