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How to Win Customers

Start time: 02/Jun/2020 17:30

End time: 02/Jun/2020 20:30

Winning and retaining customers is the lifeblood of all businesses. Yet many, particularly smaller businesses, struggle to embrace business development as a key management discipline and fail as a consequence.
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English Curriculum Development Workshops - Session 5

Start time: 08/Jun/2020 16:00

End time: 08/Jun/2020 18:00

A series of curriculum-focused twilight workshops for secondary English teachers.
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Primary Science Development Network Workshop: Session 3

Start time: 10/Jun/2020 13:00

End time: 10/Jun/2020 16:00

Following the Ofsted note that 'school leaders need to ensure that teachers have deep subject knowledge and to consider what curriculum design really involves in science' (Ofsted, 2019), expert staff within the Institute of Childhood and Education (ICE) at Leeds Trinity University have prepared a series of primary science development workshops aimed at supporting and developing effective teachers of primary science across the region.
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‘The Campaign for "Votes for Women" and the English Radical Tradition’ with Di Drummond and LCVS

Start time: 15/Jun/2020 18:00

End time: 15/Jun/2020 19:30

Join us on campus as we explore English radicalism within the 'suffragette' and 'suffragist' movements with Di Drummond.
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LTBN Adapt and Thrive: Video Content in a Pandemic

Start time: 17/Jun/2020 15:00

End time: 17/Jun/2020 16:00

During COVID-19, businesses have had to adapt to the changing circumstances around them – and online video content is seeing a big boost as businesses move away from more traditional marketing strategies in order to stay in touch with their customers. In our next Leeds Trinity Business Network event, and the third in our ‘Adapt and Thrive in a Pandemic’ series, we shift our focus to video content with industry expert and trainer, Ryan Mulhern from First Frame Productions
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NQT and Early Career Teacher Conference 2020: Supporting Teachers Supporting Students

Start time: 26/Jun/2020 09:30

End time: 26/Jun/2020 15:30

The Institute of Childhood and Education (ICE) at Leeds Trinity is proud to announce its 2020 NQT and Early Career Teacher Conference – a revitalising day to gather invigorating ideas about how to support students from experienced practitioners, grow ideas about resilience and positivity in teaching, and share challenges and successes with fellow early career teachers.
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Marketing Small Businesses on Low-to-Zero Budget

Start time: 30/Jun/2020 17:30

End time: 30/Jun/2020 20:00

Businesses of all sizes need to conduct some form of marketing activity to promote awareness of their brand, product or service, position their offer to prospective customers and, ultimately, persuade purchase. That many smaller businesses undertake little or even no marketing is usually down to either believing they cannot afford to, and/or don’t know how to.
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