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An Insubstantial Universe: Anthology Launch

Start time: 12/May/2020 17:00

End time: 12/May/2020 20:00

Join us for the virtual launch of An Insubstantial Universe, an anthology of original poetry in celebration of the 2019 bicentenary of the birth of George Eliot.

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain: West Yorkshire Branch Event

Start time: 13/May/2020 17:00

End time: 13/May/2020 19:00

Leeds Trinity University is pleased to announce the revival of the local branch of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. The Society has had a long and successful relationship with the University, including sponsoring PhD fees for some students.
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Mass to Remember Fr David Smith

Start time: 16/May/2020 13:30

End time: 16/May/2020 17:00

Leeds Trinity University is holding a Mass for former Chaplain, Fr David Smith, as it is 25 years since he sadly passed away.

‘Reimagining Victorian Theatre at the Centre’ with Michael Meeuwis and LCVS

Start time: 18/May/2020 18:00

End time: 18/May/2020 19:30

This talk asks what Victorian culture looks like if we take theatre, rather than the novel or poetry, as the centre of Victorian culture-as, demographically, Meeuwis will establish was the case.

Podcasts: An Effective Business Tool

Start time: 19/May/2020 17:30

End time: 19/May/2020 19:30

If you're looking to promote your business or attract new customers – podcasts could be the key.

LTBN Adapt and Thrive: Social Media in a Pandemic

Start time: 20/May/2020 15:00

End time: 20/May/2020 16:00

During COVID-19, businesses have had to adapt to the changing circumstances around them – and social media is no exception.
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