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Frequently asked questions for parents and carers

Here you will find the latest information for parents and carers of Leeds Trinity students, as we respond to the national lockdown announced on 4 January 2021.

What support is available for students?

A. We know this is a worrying and frustrating time for students and we are here for them if they need us. All our support services are available online for students, including access to mental health services. Our Student Support team is also available 9.00am – 10.00pm, seven days a week.

We are continuing to provide virtual social activities to help students stay connected and support any resident students who need to self-isolate. Students will find full details of the support available to them, including booking one-to-one appointments, on the myLTU app. Alternatively they can email us at info@leedstrinity.ac.uk.

How are you supporting students to achieve their academic goals during these very challenging circumstances?

We understand how challenging the current circumstances are for our students, particularly as a result of this third national lockdown. We have implemented a number of measures to support them through this very difficult time, while ensuring we protect the value of their degree.

On Monday 18 January we are introducing a new Safety Net Policy, to help ensure our students are not disadvantaged by the pandemic and achieve their academic goals.

The Safety Net Policy will replace the No Detriment Policy we introduced in response to the crisis situation we faced early last year. It takes account of the fact that this year’s programmes, modules and assessments have been redesigned with the pandemic in mind, but includes additional support in regard to extensions to components for assessment.

To apply a No Detriment Policy in 2020/21 in the same way as in 2019/20 would potentially undermine degree standards. We need to recognise and account for the learning and development which has taken place during students’ programmes and ensure that they have achieved the learning outcomes for their programmes by the end of their study. 

What is the Safety Net Policy?

The Safety Net Policy includes two main provisions:

  1. Degree calculations
  2. Extensions to Components of Assessment

The policy covers the five ways of calculating degree outcomes already in place, with the guarantee that students will be awarded the best outcome from the five specified methods.

We are increasing the number of extensions which can be granted from 2 x 5 working days, to a maximum of 5 x 10 working days for Semester 2 components of assessments (not for assessments undertaken from Semester 1 unless a deferred opportunity has already been approved).  Students can apply for extensions as normal via e:Vision after Monday 25 January (for submissions due between 18-24 January they should contact PAT@leedstrinity.ac.uk) and any extensions already used will be deducted from the maximum number of requests available (5 maximum). Note that late submission penalties will be applied for assessments submitted after the submission date of extensions granted. Students are strongly encouraged to speak to Module and/or Personal Tutors before making extension requests.

How are you helping students who might be struggling with academic deadlines?

A substantial amount of support has been put in place for students in 2020/21 to mitigate the challenging circumstances caused by the on-going pandemic. These include: 

  • Introducing a Safety Net Policy covering degree calculations and extensions.
  • Revising the Mitigating Circumstances Policy to make it easier for students to claim mitigating circumstances, for example enabling Personal Tutors and/or Student Support to provide supporting statements.
  • Increasing the level of support for students through Student Liaison Officers, Learning Mentors and Personal Tutors, overseen by the Student Support and Engagement Team.

How do students apply for the additional extensions to assessments?

Before they submit a request for an extension to assessment, students are strongly encouraged to speak to their Module or Personal Tutor regarding their circumstances to ensure they are fully supported. They can then submit a request via e:Vision.

What if a student wants to appeal against their assessment results and/or degree award?

Details of how students can submit an academic appeal, and the grounds for doing so, can be found on the MyLTU app.

When can students return to campus for Semester Two?

The university campus is currently closed due to the national lockdown announced by the government on 4 January 2021, other than for a small number of existing resident students and support staff.

In accordance with the guidance to date, all teaching will be delivered online until mid-February at the earliest and the timetable has reverted to the ‘standard’ online version, which students can access via e:Vision, with no delay to the start of timetabled teaching.

It is important that where possible students remain at their current address – whether at their home/vacation address or in term-time accommodation – to minimise transmission of the virus, unless they meet the exceptions outlined by the government. If a student believes they meet the exceptions, they should advise us by contacting info@leedstrinity.ac.uk before they travel.

We will contact students about the arrangements for their return as soon as we receive further government guidance.

Can students return earlier than suggested for their ‘cohort’?

The government is requesting that students remain at their current address for now, and they have advised that they will review this decision in mid-February. However, the government guidance recognises that some students may not be able to remain at their home/vacation address for a variety of reasons including lack of access to study space, for mental health reasons etc, and may need to move back to their student accommodation. Similarly, other students may have already returned to their term-time accommodation or have remained in their term-time accommodation over the festive period. In these instances, students are asked to contact info@leedstrinity.ac.uk before they travel. Such students should book two lateral flow tests three days apart as soon as possible and minimise social contact until a negative result has been confirmed. If students don’t get tested, they should self-isolate for 10 days.

If on-campus teaching has been delayed and my son/daughter will not be returning to campus accommodation at the start of January, will hall fees still be charged?

Students who live in halls of residence on the Leeds Trinity University campus and are unable to move back into their accommodation for the new (third) lockdown period due to government restrictions will receive a 100% rent credit for this period.

Will students be offered tests on their return?

Yes, all returning students will be asked to take Lateral Flow tests, bookable online and delivered via our on-campus Testing Centre; one immediately on their return and a second three days later. If students don’t take tests they will need to self-isolate for 10 days.

What if a student has had a recent positive PCR test?

If a student has had a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test in the last 90 days through NHS Test and Trace and been recorded as a positive case on the national system, they do not need to be tested again.

When will the Testing Centre be open?

The Testing Centre is temporarily closed due to the latest government announcement about the national lockdown on Monday 4 January. We will inform students of the arrangements for testing when we have more guidance from the government on students returning for face-to-face teaching.

Can students exercise on campus grounds?

Students have been asked to remain at their current address – whether at their home/vacation address or in term-time accommodation – to minimise transmission of the virus, unless they meet the exceptions outlined by the government. Resident students who have returned to their campus accommodation are able to do their daily exercise outside with the people they live with (e.g. flat groups) or socially distanced with one person from another household if they are by themselves, as per the latest government guidance. Trinity Fitness and the sports facilities remain closed in line with the guidelines for gyms and leisure facilities.

Will Leeds Trinity continue to take a blended approach to teaching and learning?

Following the government announcement on Monday 4 January about the national lockdown, all previously planned on-campus teaching will now be delivered online until mid-February at the earliest. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will review this position if the situation changes.


Is the University campus safe?

The university campus is currently closed due to the national lockdown, other than for a small number of existing resident students and support staff. The health and safety of students, staff and the local community remains our priority and we have put in place a number of measures to help keep everyone safe. These measures have been developed in partnership with a specialist health and safety consultancy who have conducted detailed risk assessments and reviewed the University policies and processes in line with the latest guidance from Public Health England (PHE).

The safety measures on campus include:

  • Operating to a reduced campus capacity with robust monitoring systems in place
  • Non-student facing staff continuing to work from home
  • One-way systems and strict 2m social distancing in all campus buildings
  • Mandatory use of face coverings while inside campus buildings
  • Use of Perspex screens in teaching rooms and between desks in labs
  • Provision of sanitisation gel for students and staff with sanitisation stations at entry and exit points to buildings
  • Conversion of vital student services to online platforms including provision of online appointments and development of new resources for ‘myLTU’, our student portal
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes
  • Controlled occupancy toilets
  • Reduced number of rooms in on-campus halls of residence
  • Carefully managed catering facilities to ensure social distancing and sanitisation
  • Bookable socially distanced study spaces
  • Adaption of other facilities such as parking and sport/fitness facilities to enable appropriate social distancing and sanitisation

What happens if there is an outbreak in campus accommodation?

The University is well prepared to respond swiftly to an outbreak on campus. There are detailed protocols for reporting confirmed or suspected cases and the relevant support is in place should students need to self-isolate in campus accommodation. In the event of an outbreak on campus Public Health England would attend on site to support our containment efforts.

If a student needs to isolate in halls, what support will the University provide?

We have appointed a dedicated Student Engagement Team who will take care of students who are self-isolating. Each student will be allocated a named member of the team who will check in with them regularly and ensure they have the appropriate support including:

  • Allocation of a named member of the Student Engagement Team for each isolating student who will check in with them regularly and ensure they have academic support.
  • Provision of essential food and hygiene products until isolating students are able to arrange supermarket deliveries
  • Access to our ‘head space’ and mental health resilience programme via the myLTU app. Provision of board games and opportunities to take part in online social activities.

Who is allowed to enter the accommodation of students who are self-isolating?

The latest Government guidance means that when students move to campus they will automatically form a household with everyone else in their flat, house or, if in Kirkstall Hall, those on their floor. As the vast majority of our households consist of six or more residents, they will not, for now, be able to invite anyone else into their accommodation. Staff will only enter accommodation in an emergency maintenance situation.

What happens if students are unable to obtain a COVID-19 test?

We work closely with Public Health England and are assured that the availability of testing in Leeds has been consistent. Should the website show no availability, we advise students to log in periodically as additional tests, at both testing centres and by post, are made available throughout the day.

Will students have access to laundry services if they are required to self-isolate?

We are supplying handwashing materials to students in self-isolation who request access to this.

How can parents be confident that supplies sent to students in isolation reach them?

Our commitment is to get 48 hours' worth of supplies to any student in our halls of residence within 24 hours of them notifying the University of their need to self-isolate. We have prepared a list of local suppliers able to deliver items to students in self-isolation and we are delivering post and other items to students directly. We have also provided board games and set up online events such as quiz nights to support them with social activities, alongside wider mental health and wellbeing resources.

If one flat member repeatedly breaks rules resulting in a flat having to isolate frequently, what action would the University take?

The legal terms and conditions that all students sign now include an 'Acceptable COVID Behaviours' section. While we have had a small number of students who needed reminding of their responsibilities and have been issued with a first warning, we have generally been proud of how well our student body has responded to this enormous challenge and we believe they are a real credit to their parents, carers, guardians and loved ones. We have not yet had to formally discipline any student for a breach of these rules but would be prepared to do so should it be required.