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As a Leeds Trinity University student, we actively encourage you to spend time studying abroad.

You'll make new friends, develop new skills and have life-changing experiences.

Students who spend time abroad gain a maturity that prospective employers love.

You may also have the opportunity to learn or improve a second language.

Students on most undergraduate courses can study abroad for a semester in your second year.

All undergraduate students can study abroad for a full year in your third year.

There are also short-term options available to all students.


​​​​​​​​​​​I have experienced a new culture, a completely different way of living which has allowed me to become more independent.

I have made some amazing friends from around the world who have helped me to create memories that I’ll never forget.​​​

- Ayesha Raje, BA (Hons) Business and Marketing - went to King's University College in Canada

Fees and extra costs

​Studying abroad costs vary depending on your location, accommodation, travel plans and your lifestyle.

You may need to pay for a visa, insurance, travel and living expenses which vary depending on your destination.

You should carefully consider the costs before deciding on your preferred study destination.

You'll pay your fees as normal to Leeds Trinity, and won't have to pay the partner institution, and can usually apply for a Maintenance Loan and Tuition Fee loan as normal.

There may be additional fees for Students' Union membership, sports membership and travel passes.


Apply for funding

Inspiring Futures

The Leeds Trinity Inspiring Futures Study Abroad Fund financially supports students to complete a semester abroad at one of our exchange partners outside of Europe.

You can apply for a one-off payment of up to £1,500 to be used for airfare, accommodation, visas, insurance, or any other costs associated with studying abroad.

Government travel grant

Students who normally live in England can apply for a travel grant from the government for Erasmus study or work placements.


​In many cases, your host university will provide you with accommodation options once you are accepted onto the course programme.

This is arranged and paid for directly between you and your host university.

In some instances, you will have to find your own private accommodation where the host is unable to offer university accommodation to incoming exchange students.

If you're considering a semester abroad, we advise against signing a year's contract for privately rented accommodation in Leeds, which avoids you having to pay double-rent for your semester abroad.

Instead, you can stay in our halls for the semester you're here.

International work placements

As an undergraduate student at Leeds Trinity you'll complete at least two professional work placements as part of your degree - why not do them abroad?

International placement is an excellent way to develop all the important skills which are highly sought after by employers in a globalised world. In other words, this is your opportunity to make your CV stand out among hundreds of others.

You will:

  • gain confidence
  • develop cultural awareness
  • build international contacts
  • experience a different culture both socially and professionally

We have partnerships with placement providers abroad, but the most rewarding placements are often sourced by you - the student. We encourage you to do your own research and contact potential employers.

International volunteering

You can also volunteer abroad as part of your placement or volunteer modules during your undergraduate degree.

Or it can be done as extra experience on top of your studies.

You will:

  • become aware of global challenges and different cultures
  • experience new challenges
  • get hands-on learning in a new environment
  • develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • develop an ability to think on your feet
  • improve your language and communication skills