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School Teacher

When I decided to change career, Leeds Trinity was my first choice.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity has an excellent reputation across schools in the local area for providing the best support for anyone interested in doing their PGCE and so when I decided to change career, Leeds Trinity was my first choice.

How Leeds Trinity helped me

The PGCE program manages to provide the correct level of challenge and support to enable trainee teachers to prepare for their NQT year.  The work load may be greater than some other providers however this helps make the transition into full time teaching easier and is one of the reasons that schools' have such a high opinion of Leeds Trinity PGCE Graduates.  

What I love about teaching

The most enjoyable aspect about being a teacher is seeing the progress of my pupils and, although it may seem ridiculous, enjoy their maths lessons.  The highlight of my career so far was my first results day, seeing the hard work of the students and the department paying off and being a part of the celebrations.

My advice to anyone thinking about becoming a Teacher

Try to get some experience in schools before you apply for your PGCE as it is not like any other job I have experienced, if you like what you see then you just might have found the most rewarding job there is!

One piece of advice for NQT’s

Continue to reflect on your lessons as no one gets every lesson perfect, the key is picking yourself up and doing it better next time!