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Head of Year 11 and French and Spanish Teacher, St Mary’s Menston

The teaching sessions I experienced inspired me personally and professionally. Their passion for the subject has now formed part of how I teach.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity impressed me from my first visit. It was small but everything was on campus. I also had the chance to combine French and Media, this presented me with the best of both worlds. Leeds had such a buzz about it and had a fantastic music scene.

My best student memories

My best memories include my first day and Fresher's Week, Belgian Summer Schools, presenting the radio show on a Monday, meeting the Erasmus students and parties at Principal House. There are too many to mention!

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How my time at Leeds Trinity has supported me in your career and life

The teaching sessions I experienced inspired me personally and professionally. All lecturers were spirited teachers who taught from the heart. All of them would share personal stories and go off on a tangent to ensure you were aware of everything they were passing down. Their passion for the subject has now formed part of how I teach.

Maintaining my involvement with Leeds Trinity

It is always a pleasure to return to Leeds Trinity with my professional hat on. The Carol Service is always in the calendar and I even had the pleasure of making a surprise appearance with our school Jazz Band when the drummer didn't turn up.

I have also been involved in bringing a Belgian Summer School to Leeds Trinity. This gave me my first taste of combining sport, music and drama with trips to theme parks, discos and a talent show at the end of the week. It even meant that I was invited to Belgium to do a similar job during the Easter holidays.

The most enjoyable aspect of being a Teacher and career highlights

Apart from obviously, the holidays, the best part of teaching must be sharing a success. Be it as part of a sports team, a musical production or just a student who is struggling getting the right answer, there is so much joy to make it special. Tears and tantrums are everywhere (but mainly in the staffroom) but elsewhere there'll be someone making their first flapjack, a kid going to their first pantomime, someone realising they can't really see fish while going through the Channel Tunnel, so many priceless moments...

My advice to anyone thinking about becoming a Teacher

Only do it if you are fully prepared to get fully involved. You need a thick skin and the perseverance to say "no" when it matters. Don't go into it for the money but do it because you want to act in the best interest of others. Even if it means Danny gets an E in French, it may be his greatest triumph.

My advice to NQTs

It's still hard after two decades so don't think you'll have it sussed after 5! Education is constantly changing, sometimes for the better, but be open-minded and be very open to surprises. Students are usually home by 4.00pm and so can you too if you organise your time accordingly.