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International Centre for Higher Education Educational Research

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​​​​​​​The International Centre for Higher Education Educational Research (ICHEER) focuses on researching educational initiatives which take an innovative or social justice perspective. Leeds Trinity University is known for its commitment to teaching and learning, and its social justice mission, and the ICHEER aims to increase the profile of this work through research. The Centre is supported by a national and  international advisory board with members from the USA, Australia and Canada.

​Our aims

  • To support and enhance the vision and mission of Leeds Trinity University through research into higher education (pedagogy, curriculum and institutional aspects)
  • To enhance the national and international profile of the university through excellent and distinctive research in higher education, especially as it relates to the Catholic social justice mission
  • To provide an overarching framework and narrative for research into higher education which assists in creating new and exciting synergies between different staff and disciplines; and assists in co-ordinating and focusing current research efforts to capitalise on impact
  • To develop an inclusive framework for research in higher education so that diverse staff with diverse interests can locate the full range of their academic activities within a broader and shared vision
  • To showcase the distinctive, innovative and original contributions in higher education pedagogy, curriculum and policy development made by the university, through research
  • To increase the amount of research funding brought into the university, from various sources
  • To strengthen and focus existing external research partnerships (including partnerships within the academic, professional and employer community, as well as the broader community), and to seed and develop new partnerships as appropriate
  • Social justice is interpreted quite broadly to include:
    • Issues of equality, diversity and inclusion and their role in education
    • Teaching approaches and methods, curriculum and policy design which incorporate democratic and participatory principles
    • Issues relating to the teaching/learning of citizenship and the ethical stances involved
    • Critical perspectives on teaching and learning
    • The use of restorative approaches and methods in higher education
    • An emphasis on whole person teaching and learning
  • Pedagogy includes teaching and learning; curriculum encompasses course design; institutional aspects include the student experience, quality, policy, management and other aspects of academic practice as they impinge directly on teaching, learning or curriculum.

Contact us

You can direct any ICHEER enquiries to Professor Jan Fook at We are keen to establish links with other individuals or centres with similar interests.