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​Global Citizenship and Diaspora Network

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​​​​​Global Citizenship and Diaspora Network (GLOCIDIN) was established to help provide a platform for sharing of ideas and research that enrich diverse traditions and cultures. This allows those interested in the field to come together to discuss and debate the historical narratives, the present ideologies and the emerging trends in global citizenship and diaspora studies. It is intended that various analysis and research outputs will help advance theories in this field as well as mobilise solutions on various relevant policies and agendas.
​Global citizenship is modelled on the notion that the world has increasingly become a complex web of connections and interdependence, implying that citizen actions in one part of the globe, such as wars and displacement of people, may have immediate effects on other communities, nationally and internationally. 

GLOCIDIN therefore seeks to bring together researchers who are interested in these multi-disciplinary issues and to highlight research work from other varied relevant sources. If you would like to join the researcher's network or contribute a resource, you can contact us using the details below.


The Global Citizenship and Diaspora Research Network brings together researchers and practitioners from across the globe, who are keenly interested in interdisciplinary studies surrounding global citizenship and the diaspora. The Network is currently based at the Institute of Childhood and Education at Leeds Trinity.  

Our aim 

To engage with researchers and diaspora communities on topical issues of global citizenship; cultural heritage, social justice, diversity; inclusion and human rights.


  • To engender a confrontation between different approaches and ideologies in the field of Global citizenship and diaspora studies​
  • To foster comparative approaches which brings about contrast between societies and between national sociological traditions
  • To promote forum discussions and collaborative work among scholars and/or practitioners and the visibility of research student members in the field
  • To engage with civil society and political groups in discussions that feed into research as well as advance the values of global citizenship and human rights

Contact us

General enquiries can be made about GLOCIDIN to Dr Icarbord Tshabangu on +44 (0) 113 283 7100 ext. 563 or​​