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Film students seeking funding for degree films  

Posted on 09 February 2018


​​A group of students from Leeds Trinity University have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money to fund four short films.

The final year students have set a target of £2,250 to finance the films, which will form part of their final assessment for their degree in Film. The budget will pay for actors, sets, costumes and props for the four films, which cover subjects including male domestic violence, horror and spiritualism and making life and death decisions.

Isabelle Stead, Film lecturer at Leeds Trinity University, said: "Our students are passionate and talented storytellers with exciting ideas for new films. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is a great opportunity for students to engage with their audiences well before their films are made. At Leeds Trinity University we are committed to making sure our students have the skills they need to succeed in industry. This first-hand experience of film financing will be invaluable, encouraging them to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, an essential skill that every filmmaker needs."

Student Thomas Allman, who is co-ordinating the Kickstarter page, and seeking funding for his film Fighting Back, said: "This Kickstarter page is an amazing learning experience, on how to raise funds for our films whilst connecting with our future audiences.  With the help of community crowd-funding, we can make our films spectacular."

Student Jonathan Beetles is seeking funding for Indecisive, a film about a husband who has to decide his wife's fate after a car crash. He said: "We'd very much like to involve the audiences of Yorkshire and beyond, in the creation of these films. Some of these films raise awareness of issues such as domestic violence and end of life health care, so they are issues that the public can relate to. They will not only be our graduate films, they will provide us with a creative medium to impress our future employers in the creative industries."

The films are: Fighting Back, about a local boxer struggling to support his family; The Ascended, which is based on the case of Elisa Lam, a Canadian student who was found dead in 2013; Indecisive, where a husband has to decide his wife's fate after a car crash; and Oblivious Witness, about a husband who believes he killed his wife, but can't remember.

More information on the films and the campaign is available here. Pledges can range from £5 to more than £100 with various reward packages.