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International Placements

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At Leeds Trinity you will complete two professional placements with every undergraduate degree. Why not take the opportunity to experience a professional environment in another country and boost your employability? International placement is an excellent way to develop all the important skills which are highly sought after by employers in a globalised world. In other words, this is your opportunity to make your CV stand out among hundreds of others.

You will:

  • Gain confidence
  • Develop cultural awareness
  • Build international contacts
  • Experience a different culture both socially and professionally

​How to find a placement provider

Leeds Trinity has a number of partnerships with placement providers abroad and this number is growing. Keep checking this page for updates of what International Placements we have to offer.

The most rewarding placements are often sourced by students. We encourage you to do your own research and contact potential employers abroad. Your placement tutor may have useful tips on which companies and organisations work in your field. The k​ey is to start your search early.

Where and when?

You can complete either Level 4 or Level 5 placement abroad. Primary Education students can go abroad for their Alternative Placement in second year. The placement has to meet all requirements set out in your Placement Module Handbook, but can take place outside of the placement period as long as it meets the minimum duration.

Your placement can be in any country, but you may want to consider cost of travel and living and local culture when choosing your destination.


If you do your placement abroad, LTU supports you with a £200 placement allowance.

You can also apply for funding from Erasmus+ programme if your placement is:

  • In an Erasmus+ Programme Country (28 EU Member states + Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Turkey and FYR Macedonia).

  • Minimum 2, maximum 12 months in duration.

Erasmus+ grant for Traineeships in 2018/19 is €400-€450 per month. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are entitled to receive a top-up. There is also additional support available for applicants with special needs.

Your placement tutor, placement adviser and international officer provide support every step of the way to help you succeed on your international placement.​

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