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Reflective practice and student satisfaction: never the twain shall meet?


​On Tuesday 15 May, the West Yorkshire branch of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (PESGB) will hosts the last in its series of free seminars for 2017/18.

What's happening?

We are pleased to welcome Anne Pirrie from the University of the West of Scotland, who will be giving a talk titled 'Reflective practice and student satisfaction: never the twain shall meet?'

About the talk

Anne will present some of the main ideas explored in an article concerned with the inter-relationship between two canonical notions in contemporary education discourse:  'reflective practice' and 'student satisfaction'.  These are considered in the context of the marketisation of higher education across Europe and the concomitant emphasis on student autonomy and institutional competitiveness. Drawing on the work of Jan Masschelein and Tim Ingold, she offers a critique of a contemporary attempt to reanimate the notion of reflective practice. The latter draws upon Hannah Arendt's thinking on judgement and her concept of 'enlarged thought' to suggest a stronger basis for the nature of reflective practice and for the validity of professional judgement in early career teachers. She will explore the theoretical underpinnings of such an approach and suggest that these betoken an implicit commitment to a vision of education as a process of transmission rather than of educating the gaze. Anne traces the aetiology of the former back to the direction of education policy in the decades since the adoption of the Lisbon Strategy. She concludes that a nuanced approach to reflective practice entails a consideration of student satisfaction and fundamental shift in emphasis from epistemological or methodological towards existential concerns. Anne will make brief reference to a further exploration of these issues, for publication in the summer of 2018.

About Anne Pirrie

Prior to her appointment as Reader in Education at UWS in 2007, Anne was a contract researcher for many years. As a result, she has diverse research interests, reflected in the range of her publications. In recent years she has published in the area of educational inclusion; education policy; the epistemology of social research; research ethics; lifelong learning in the context of the European Reference Framework; and authority relations in education. She is committed to inter-disciplinary research endeavour and collaborates with visual artists; sociologists; philosophers; cultural theorists; geographers; and urban designers. She has recently published a conceptual paper that explores the history of LEGO as a means to develop a more nuanced understanding of the complex nature of learning.


Tuesday 15 May 2018
5.00 - 7.00pm


The seminar will take place in room LC1-28. This is located on Floor 1 of the Andrew Kean Learning Centre (the library) which has a separate entrance very close to the main university building. All floors are served by a lift, and the main entrance is at ground level. There will be refreshments from 5.00pm, with the seminar starting at 5.30pm.

How to book?

There is no need to book. However, to register your interest in attending, and to receive a copy of Anne's paper, please contact Naziya O'Reilly.

Finally - thank you to all who have attended our seminar, book launch, and film programme this year. It has been wonderful to see so many of you supporting philosophy of education at Leeds Trinity University. 

Please do look out for our 2018/19 line-up which will be announced in September.