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Dr.Hannah Hunt
Reader in Eastern Christianity and Associate Principal Lecturer in Theology
BA (London), MA, PhD (Leeds)
0113 2837 100 ext: 676
Room Shrewsbury 1

Ten years after graduating from the University of London in English Literature and Language, Hannah Hunt returned to academic life, completing her MA and PhD in Theology at the University of Leeds, focusing on spiritual fatherhood and spiritual tears in the early Byzantine and Syriac fathers. Since then she has developed an extensive portfolio career with a number of universities, teaching both Theology and other Humanities subjects, face to face and via correspondence and acting as Research Associate for the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, University of York. She is currently supervising MbyResearch student working on religious language and Christology in the Syrian context, and would welcome applications from students seeking supervision in Late Antique spirituality, the Mid-Byzantine church in Constantinople and early Syrian religious literature. ​

As Associate Principal Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University Dr Hunt’s teaching focuses on Church History, especially that of the Early Church, Systematics and Biblical Studies.  An enthusiastic advocate of inter-disciplinarity, Dr Hunt worked on the MA in Literature and Spirituality. She is an extremely active researcher, reviewer, and contributor to national and international conferences (such as the International Medieval Congress, International Patristic Conference and British Patristics Conference) and has been invited to join the Board of Monos, an organisation seeking to explore the monastic life in the world. She is a Executive Committee member for the Society for the Promotion of Byantine Studies and member of the Research Board for Spurgeons College. Dr Hunt is the author of two monographs: Joybearing Grief (Brill 2004) and Clothed in the Body (Ashgate 2012) and is currently working on two books on Symeon the New Theologian in the context of secular and ecclesiastical authority in mid-Byzantium, a chapter on Late Antique religion and the body for the Wiley Blackwell Handbook to Late Antiquity and a proposal on Isaac of Nineveh for Wipf and Stock's Cascade Series. A Research Fellowship in 2013-14 enabled her to contribute to conferences in Moscow, New York and Jerusalem. 

Other interests include hill-walking, yoga and gardening and she is a keen musician, specialising in performing liturgical vocal music. In October 2013 she commenced studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University and is enjoying performing and publishing her poetry, including her first pamphlet, Perfect Timing, under the pen-name Hannah Stone. Forthcoming poetry publications include for Indigo Dreams (An After-Dinner's Sleep, February 2015) and Stairwell Press (New Crops from Old Fields. 2015). 

Teaching and Administration

TRS4402 Texts and Contexts

TRS 4502 Old Testament
TRS5502 Introduction to the New Testament
TRS 5312 Christology

TRS6502 Lord, Apostle and Beloved Disciple 

TRS Staff Rep on the Student Staff Academic Consultative Committee (SSACC)

Learning Skills Coordinator

Co-ordinator of Eastern Christian Seminar Series

Admissions Tutor Theology

Convenor of Eastern Christian Studies Seminar Series


Dr Hunt researches into the spirituality of the early eastern Christian church, female spirituality, asceticism and Christology. She covers both the Late Antique and Mid Byzantien periods, looking at both Greek and Syrian fathers.


Monographs and chapters

2004: Joybearing Grief: Tears of Contrition in the writings of the Early Syrian and Byzantine Fathers (Brill, Leiden).

2004: The Westminster Handbook to Origen (ed. J McGuckin) Articles on Repentance, Love and Sacraments (Westminster John Knox Press)

2007: The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity (ed. Ken Parry) chapter on Byzantine Christianity (Blackwells, Oxford), pp. 73-93.

2009: Spirituality in Late Byzantium (ed. Eugenia Russell) ‘The Reforming Abbott and his Tears: Penthos in Late Byzantium’, (Cambridge Scholars, 2009), pp. 13-20.

2011: The Philokalia: Exploring the Classical Text of Orthodox Spirituality (ed. Brock Bingamen & B. Nassif), chapter entitled 'Uses and Abuses of Spiritual Authority in the Church in St Symeon the New Theologian', (Oxford University Press, Oxford), pp. 203-215.

2012: Clothed in the Body: Asceticism, the Body and the Spiritual in the Late Antique Era  (Ashgate, Farnham).

2012, September: 'Southcott, Ernest William', Oxford National Dictionary of Biography.

2013: Medium Aevum On Light, chapter entitled 'Divine Light and Spiritual Intoxication: Symeon the New Theologian's image of Penitence as a Mystical Winepress', pp.87-106. 

2013: Romanian translation of Joy-Bearing Grief published by Doxologia, Iasi.

Forthcoming 2014: An Unholy Trinity: Models of Sacred and Secular Authority in Eleventh Century Constantinople (Brill, Leiden).

Forthcoming 2015: A Companion Guide to Symeon the New Theologian (Wipf and Stock).

Forthcoming 2018:  trans. Symeon the New Theologian: The Catecheses (St Vladimir's Seminary Press,Yonkers).


‘The Soul’s Sorrow in Syrian Patristic Thought’, in Studia Patristica vol. XXX111, Peeters, Leuven, 1997, pp. 530-533

‘The tears of the Sinful Woman: A theology of Redemption’, in Hugoye (on-line journal) March 1998

 ‘Praying the Body: Isaac of Nineveh and John of Apamea’ in The Harp, India, April 1999

‘The Concept of Penitent Weeping in the Psalms of David’, St Ephrem Theological Journal, Spring 1999

Penthos and Repentance in Symeon the New Theologian’, Studia Patristica vol XXXV, Peeters, Leuven, 2001, pp.114-120

‘Sexuality and penitence in Syriac commentaries on Luke’s Sinful Woman’ , Studia Patristica vols XLIV-XLIX, Peeters, Leuven,  2010, pp.

" 'Working the earth of the heart': images of cultivation and Harvest in Macarius and Ephrem', Studia Patristica volLII, 2012, pp.149-160.

'Who's wearing whose clothes?Manichean and Gnostic Threads in 'The Hymn of the Pearl', Forthcoming, Studia Patristica 

‘The monk as mourner: Gendered Eastern Christian self-identity in the seventh century', Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies, Vol. 2 (2013), pp. 19-37.

" 'Clothed in the Body': The Garment of flesh and the Garment of glory in Syrian Religious Anthropology", Studia Patristica vol. LXIV, 2013, pp. 167-175.  

Reviews and reports

‘Report of the St Ephraim Conference, 17/18 December 1997’, in British Association for the Study of Religions Bulletin, March 1998

Review of ‘St Symeon the New Theologian: The Ethical Discourses, vol. 3’ in Sobornost, 20.2, 1998

Review of ‘Man and the Environment: A Study of St Symeon the New Theologian’, in Sobornost 24.1 (2002)

Review of ‘Abba Isaiah of Scetis’ (trans J Chryssavgis and R Penkett), in Orthodox News, Vol. 17, no.1, Autumn 2003.

Review of ‘In the Heart of the Desert: the spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers’, (John Chryssavgis) in Sobornost 25.2 (2003)

Review of ‘Letters from the Desert: Barsanuphius and John’ (John Chryssavgis (tr)) in Sobornost 26.1 (2004)

Review of ‘God with Us: critical issues in Christian life and thought’ (John Breck) in Sobornost 26.1 (2004)

Review of Writing and Holiness: The Practice of Authorship in the Early Christian East (Derek Krueger, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2004)

Review of The Sex Lives of the Saints: an erotics of Ancient Hagiography (Virginia Burrus, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2004), in Journal of the History of Sexuality, vol 14, nos1/2January/April 2005

Review of Fear of God and the Beginning of Wisdom; The School of Nisibis and Christian Scholastic Culture in Late Antique Mesopotamia (Adam Becker) for The Journal Henoch vol. xxx, 2008/2, pp. 163-165.


Inaugural Lecture - Dr Hannah Hunt 


H. Hunt from Leeds Trinity University College on Vimeo.


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