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Psychology has an extensive range of laboratories available for student learning and experiments. As well as PCs equipped with SPSS and other experimental software we also offer audio-visual equipment (e.g. TVs, DVD players and cameras).

Booking Laboratories

Students can book the laboratories at any time through the DOHPS office. We also employ a Graduate Teaching Assistant and IT Technician who are available to offer guidance and advice.

Biopsychology Research Laboratory AS.45
The laboratory contains a range of traditional and software based equipment. The laboratory is also equipped to run the "Cold Pressor task", which assesses subjective pain tolerance (equipment consists of a large water bath for immersion and a specialist refrigeration unit). The lab is also fitted with multimedia and Smartboard facilities.
Psychology Computing Cluster AS.29
Psychology maintains a dedicated computing cluster for the exclusive use of psychology students. This cluster contains 14 ‘open access’ PCs each having Microsoft Office, SPSS and Experimental Software for student use. The PCs have access to relevant network resources and are connected to a laser printer.

Forensic Psychology Laboratory AS.19

The laboratory is designed to allow experiments ( e.g. attentional bias, stop-go impulsivity, emotional Stroop) to be conducted using a range of software (e.g. E-Prime, or Superlab). A Student Biopac system for polygraph data recording (e.g. heart rate, GSR, respiration, ERP and eye blink startle responses) is also installed on two machines. This room is also used to demonstrate the Limestone Technologies  Pref-Test polygraph and penile plethysmograph unit. In addition the room is equipped with a plasma display screen and multi-media equipment for group teaching and video presentations.

Cognitive Psychology Laboratory AS.27

The Cognitive Laboratory has been recently upgraded. The laboratory is designed to allow cognitive experiments to be conducted using a range of software (e.g. E-Prime, or Superlab) and testing materials. Individual testing cubicles are incorporated into the laboratory design.In addition the room is equipped with a plasma display screen and multi-media equipment for group teaching and video presentations.

Located in the Cognitive Laboratory is the CCTV Control Station. This station has observational equipment and allows video and audio recording to be made of participants in AS.19, AS.25 and AS.28. It also contains video editing equipment for the use of psychology students.

Developmental/Social Psychology Laboratory AS.25

This laboratory contains an interview suite with both audio and video recording facilities. A large two-way mirror is installed for use in observational studies. Additional equipment is available for experiments involving both adults and children.

Human Assessment Laboratory AS.28

This laboratory contains the Psychology’s collection of psychometric tests and is where much of the work on individual differences takes place. In addition to tests using pen and paper students can also use PC based tests. The laboratory contains the Final Year Disssertation bank, a collection of past research projects available to level five and six students as a reference resource.




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