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Sport and Physical Education

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​​​​Turn your passion for sport into your profession with a Sport and Physical Education degree. You can choose from pathways in Sport and Exercise Sciences, Sport Management, Sports Coaching, Strength and Conditioning and Physical Education.

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to gain hands-on experience of the latest sports technology, equipment, facilities and innovations. You’ll learn from active researchers and sports practitioners, who’ll use their extensive industry experience and links to give you the skills and knowledge that employers are looking for now.

Undergraduate Sport and Physical Education courses:

Physical Education

You'll prepare for a wide range of careers by studying physical education in its broadest sense. Exploring the full lifecycle of physical education, you'll gain knowledge and experience of physical education for primary and secondary school children, as well as adults in the community. You'll study a combination of theoretical and practical modules, covering themes such as psychology, sociology, sport science, pedagogy and philosophy.

Physical Education and Sports Coaching

You'll practise teaching in a range of settings, from primary and secondary physical education to community coaching. You'll develop an appreciation of how the disciplines of physical education and sports coaching complement each other, studying a combination of practical and theoretical modules in pedagogy, sociology of sport, sports science, research methods, sports policy and philosophy.

Secondary Education, Physical Education and Sport

This is an accelerated degree, which means you'll graduate after just two years. You'll broaden your career options by developing strong subject knowledge in physical education and sport, while learning the key principles of educating children. Focusing on secondary-age children, you'll learn about our current education system and how children and young people learn effectively within it.

Sports Coaching

We'll help you develop the skills to work as an effective sports coach across a range of contexts. We'll give you the theoretical foundations of coaching practice across all sports, which you can apply to your sport of choice. You'll study coaching models and styles, as well as psychosocial aspects such as learning and leadership. We'll teach you the professional codes to which coaches must adhere, exploring the ethical and moral responsibilities of the coach.

Sport Management

You'll study sport management in the broadest sense, gaining an in-depth understanding of finance, facility and event management, global sport and digital media. You'll develop the knowledge needed to manage sport enterprise, exploring topics such as entrepreneurship, urban planning, economics, diversity, social justice, globalisation and organisational behaviour.

Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation

This applied degree explores the management of musculoskeletal injury throughout the stages of injury. You'll study the human anatomy and physiology, looking at the mechanics of musculoskeletal injury. We'll teach the therapeutic methods used to promote healing and a return to activity and sport, while helping you to develop a critical understanding of theoretical and practically relevant issues for sports therapy and rehabilitation.

Sport and Exercise Sciences

You'll have the opportunity to understand the science behind all aspects of athletic performance. You'll cover the key elements of sport and exercise sciences, exploring a range of theories and concepts relating to physiology, biomechanics, and psychology. More importantly, you'll develop key laboratory skills in a range of disciplines which will help you to improve the performance of athletes.

Sport and Exercise Sciences (Sports Nutrition)

You'll study the core components of sport and exercise sciences, such as psychology, physiology and biomechanics, but you'll specialise in sports nutrition. You'll understand the impact that nutrition can have on athletic performance, exploring areas such as food, dietary recommendations, management and planning, ergogenic aids, fluid balance and sports drinks for optimum sports performance.

Strength and Conditioning

We'll help you develop the knowledge you'll need to become accredited by the UK Strength and Conditioning Association. You'll study the core components of sport and exercise sciences, including psychology, physiology, biomechanics, and research methods. You'll explore a range of theories and concepts, but most importantly, you'll develop key laboratory skills in a range of disciplines in order to improve the performance of athletes.

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