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English and Creative Writing

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​​​​Immerse yourself in the creative world of language and literature with an English degree.

We offer a variety of pathways, giving you the chance to specialise in Language, Literature, or Creative and Professional Writing, or combine your passion for English with Film, History or Media.

You’ll learn from active researchers and award-winning writers, who’ll help you develop into a highly employable graduate who can understand, communicate and create literature at an advanced level.

​Undergraduate English and Creative Writing courses:

Creative and Professional Writing

Award-winning writers from the fields of journalism, fiction, poetry and film will work with you to develop your writing skills in a range of online and offline media. You'll develop journalism skills, understanding the different styles of writing required for feature writing, magazines and arts journalism. You'll learn how to write for TV and film, understanding the process that takes your writing from script to screen.

English and Creative Writing

You'll learn how to communicate and create for both professional purposes and pleasure, working with award-winning published writers and subject specialists. You'll take part in creative writing workshops, learning how to give and receive constructive criticism about writing. And you'll be introduced to speech-writing and the power of words, as well as learning how to write your own life story and the stories of others.

English Language and Linguistics

If you've enjoyed studying language before, this degree is your opportunity to expand your knowledge and delve deeper into the fascinating world of language and linguistics. You'll gain the confidence and skills to analyse the way language is used in society, looking at social interaction, digital media, political and commercial discourses, literature and the creative arts.

English Literature

We'll give you the opportunity to read and enjoy a wide range of literary texts, including Shakespearean drama, children's literature, and postmodern fiction. You'll learn how to read and analyse poetry and short stories, as well as gaining an understanding of how to compare past and contemporary texts in the same genres. You'll have the opportunity to explore classic mythology and literature in the Bible, and you'll look at contemporary styles and issues such as constructions of gender and magical realism in world fiction.

English and Film

If you love a good story, whether in print or in film, indulge your passions and learn how to craft the perfect story by studying English and Film. You'll learn about the film industry and discover how to analyse, discuss and write about film. You'll also study a range of modern literary texts in different genres, analysing how they work and how to compare them to great texts of the past.

English and History

Our English and History degree explores history through research, creative and critical engagement with texts, and the history of the English language. Distinctive in its approach, it integrates the study of cultural innovation and revolution with the persistent survival of past objects, values, and outlooks. You'll learn how to analyse literature by considering historical culture, as well as how to discover the historical past by analysing texts, images, and artefacts.

English and Media

This vocational degree gives you the opportunity to combine the study of English literature and creative writing with the theory and practice of multi-media production. We'll show you how great writers, from Shakespeare to Toni Morrison, have used words to express themselves and to influence the world around them. At the same time, you'll study how words, images, and technology are combined to such powerful effect in media and the digital world.

Placements opportunities

Careers in health and nutrition are highly sought after, so we’ll help you to gain the edge over other graduates by putting professional experience at the heart of your degree.

We’re one of only a few UK universities to include professional work placements with every degree, so you’ll graduate with extensive industry experience without having to take a sandwich year out.

Our students can complete placements at a wide range of organisations across the UK and abroad, which include facilities that provide residential care for adults and older adults, youth work teams, the NHS, children’s and family centres, charities and non-government agencies.

You’ll also have the opportunity to gain additional professional qualifi cations at no extra cost, such as personal training and exercise referral.

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