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Criminology and Sociology

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​​Make a positive impact on society with a degree in Criminology or Sociology.

Criminology is a constantly evolving fi eld that examines crime, deviance and criminal justice from a variety of perspectives. Sociology examines societies, social issues and problems, looking at how they impact upon the lives of individuals.

You can study each subject individually, combine them together, or combine them with Police Studies or Psychology. From white-collar crime and terrorism to hate crime and family dynamics, you’ll study a varied curriculum that covers the history, theory and practical application of criminology and sociology.

Undergraduate Criminology and Sociology courses:

Applied Social Science

You'll have the chance to understand different perspectives on a range of different social issues – from crime, criminal behaviour and the legal system, to global sport, childhood and society, and social justice. You'll study a range of disciplines in the social sciences, including psychology, sociology, criminology, politics, business and economics.


Our Criminology degree combines sociological and psychological approaches to understanding deviant behaviour and society's response to criminal acts. You'll explore a wide range of topics, from examining the role of the media in how we understand crime and justice, to explanations for serious violent crime by both individuals and the state.

Criminology and Sociology

Develop your knowledge and understanding of two major disciplines in the field of social sciences with our Criminology and Sociology degree. You'll explore traditional areas such as inequality, social stratification, deviance and punishment, as well as more contemporary fields such as terrorism, environmentalism, global politics, sexuality and childhood studies.

Criminology with Police Studies

Immerse yourself in the field of criminology, while learning about the key issues relating to the policing profession. You'll explore a range of subjects relating to both disciplines, from police investigation, policing sexual exploitation and community policing to debates about rehabilitation and punishment.


Our Sociology degree examines societies, social issues and problems, looking at how they impact upon the lives of individuals. You'll develop a wide range of knowledge in contemporary sociological theory and practice, exploring topics from urban sociology and gender and society, to criminality and globalisation.

Sociology with Police Studies

Sociology with Police Studies explores the contribution of sociology to contemporary policing. You'll learn how the role of the police extends far beyond the maintenance of law and order, and you will apply sociological theory to demonstrate how policing society extends far beyond the role of the police.

Placements opportunities

Professional experience is at the heart of all our Criminology and Sociology degrees. We’re one of only a few UK universities to include professional work placements with every degree, which you can complete in the UK or abroad. Our students have undertaken placements at a wide range of organisations including forensic hospitals, the Police National Computer, HM Prison Service, crime prevention projects, charities, research consultancies, and schools.

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