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Why we love Yorkshire

Posted by. Leeds Trinity University
Posted on 28 July 2017


​Happy Yorkshire Day from the TOP University in Yorkshire for employability!​

​There's no other way of saying it, we just LOVE Yorkshire. Like, Tom-Cruise-standing-on-a-sofa levels of love. ​Stunning countryside, amazing cities, and endless amounts of culture - Yorkshire literally has it all. 

Whether you're an expert on Yorkshire, or a first-timer in God's Own County, we've complied a list of the​ reasons wh​y we can't help but love Yorkshire. ​​​

  • Yorkshire puddings ​​​

    Savoury or sweet, we love them either way. 

  • Friendly people 

    You'll struggle to find a nicer bunch of pe ople outside of Yorkshire. This is especially true of Leeds Trinity, which is renowned for its amazing sense of community. ​
  • Yorkshire Tea

    Need we say more?

  • Leeds

    Culture, food, shopping and nightlife. Regularly voted one of the UK's best student cities, we think Leeds has it all! <3 
    Want to explore it properly? Make sure you try out the Leeds Owl Trail

  • The Yorkshire accent 

    We LOVE the hundreds of different Yorkshire accents that you'll hear whilst walking around. It just comes with a certain kind of charm you don't get anywhere else.

  • The culture
    Yorkshire is BURSTING with culture. ​Whether you want to explore our galleries and museums, take a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, or visit the ​Leeds West Indian Carnival, you're guaranteed to find something you love. 

  • Yorkshire terriers 

    So little and cute!

  • BEAUTIFUL countryside

    ​There's no denying it, Yorkshire is STUNNING. Rolling moors, lush parks, and picturesque villages; Yorkshire is just beautiful.
    Fun fact: Yorkshire is so beautiful, that it's a pop-culture icon! The Yorkshire Dales inspired Emily Brontë (and Kate Bush's) Wuthering Heights, AND Malham Cove (pictured above) even featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1!

  • Yorkshire Tea

    Yokshire Tea is just SO good.

  • Incredible food

    Whether you love street food, fantastic curries, or Michelin star excellence, Yorkshire is home to plenty of culinary delights. 

  • The seaside

    If the countryside isn't doing it for you, we're only an hour away from the beautiful coastal towns of Whitby and Scarborough. Who doesn't love a day at the seaside?

  • Yorkshire pride

    Do you know who loves Yorkshire? People from Yorkshire. You can hardly be surprised we take so much pride in our fair county - how could you not when everything looks this good! YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE.

  • The music scene 
    Love watching rising indie acts? Maybe global mega stars are more your jam? Whatever your preference, Yorkshire has venues and festivals to cater for all preferences and genres! 

  • Have we mentioned Yorkshire Tea?

    ​We just really love Yorkshire Tea, okay?
We've told you some of the things we love about Yorkshire, but now it's over to you! What do you love about Yorkshire? Let us know​! 


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