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LTBN: The Importance of Creativity in the Age of the Digital Native

Posted by. Jess Sewter
Posted on 25 October 2019


​​I'd been wanting to run a Leeds Trinity Business Network session on creativity for ages. Creativity is within us all, is relevant to every business, makes brands and campaigns really stand out and is completely free! Yet in such a fast-paced digital world and where businesses need to keep up with all the trends in digital marketing, PR, SEO, social media etc it is so difficult to know where creativity fits into it all and how to use it in the right way to make your business stand out. 

So when Mark Bower from Woven Agency offered to deliver a talk on creativity in the age of digital, linking creativity in branding to the world of digital marketing, it sounded to me like the perfect session at the perfect time.

And Mark certainly delivered! After half an hour of networking over lunch, we were treated to a well prepared and content-rich talk with lots of case studies, examples, references from business thought leaders, useful tools and techniques to take away, a check list for branding, and much more!  

Mark started by providing some context with the history of branding, starting from Egyptian times (when they literally branded things!), to the Mad Men's Don Draper world of campaigns and slogans, and through to when digital happened.  

We then went through what works. Mark talked about the importance of knowing what customer wants, understanding creative value, inverting the funnel through the inbound methodology (check our Mark's walkthrough HubSpot), creating great content and building trust. Essentially, that creativity in branding is more than just a slogan, it's about delivering a great service to the customer.

Tips and Tools

Some of the practical tips from Mark were:

  1. Social listening – finding out what people are interested in - check out Sentione!
  2. CRM – surprising how few businesses have a good CRM system at the heart of their business with proper segmentation etc. This can now be acquired so cheaply at just a few hundred pounds a month.
  3. Marketing Automation – personalising information
  4. Conversational Marketing
  5. Video marketing – 72% of consumers would rather watch a video than read through information on a website. Facebook predicting to be 100% video soon similar to Tick Tock and Snapchat etc.

Finally, and in summary, Mark talked us through his 10 rules for branding in a digital age:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Understand your audience
  3. Create value across the entire user journey
  4. Connect emotionally
  5. Be consistent
  6. Think digital and mobile first
  7. Listen & engage (social listening)
  8. Personalise the experience
  9. Aim for advocacy and create raving fans
  10. Become an experience

This was expertise and knowledge sharing at the Leeds Trinity Business Network at its very best. Mark received some great feedback from the audience who went away with an armful of tools and techniques and a handy check list too! I know I will be researching some of the business and marketing gurus mentioned and putting some of this into practice into my role. 

So a huge thanks to Mark Bower at Woven Agency and to all who came. The Leeds Trinity Business Network is certainly thriving and that is down to our members spreading the word and being great advocates  (point 9 on the 10 rules of branding) so we must be doing something right!

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