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Setting and achieving healthy goals in 2018

Posted by. Jess Sewter
Posted on 05 January 2018


​Leeds Trinity Business Network is a thriving, informal and free network with an opportunity to make good connections, raise your profile and learn something new to grow your business. Our January event, entitled, 'New Year, New You', explored mental and physical health in 2018. Jess Sewter, Head of Partnerships, Placements and Employability, shares her thoughts:

It's 2018 and you've no doubt already set yourself a number of New Year's resolutions: eat healthier; get more exercise; save more money; get more sleep; read more; make new friends; learn a new skill – do any or all of these sound familiar?

At the Leeds Trinity Business Network Lunch on Thursday 4 January, the network focused on health and wellbeing, and not only setting goals, but actually sticking to and achieving them! In our 'New Year, New You' lunchtime session, we not only enjoyed three excellent speakers (more below), but four fantastic exhibitors including Team Activ​, UK Outdoor Fitness​, Shan Holistic Massage​ and Sleigh Services.

Following lunch, networking, a back message, blood-pressure testing and some sought-after advice from Samuel Leigh and Claire Warwick's Team Activ in t​he Atrium, we moved into the Conference Suite for our three speakers of the session. They were:

  • Lucille Allen-Paisant, Director of Mind It​, who spoke about work-related burn-out and depression – and her top tips for mindfulness in 2018;

  • Sarah Dodsworth, Associate Director at SpaceInvader, who showcased her interior design company – and easy wins for creating a relaxing work environment for you and your staff;
  • And Kieran Igwe from Fit20 who talked about the benefits of exercise and how to achieve your exercise goals in 2018.

A huge thank you to all of our speakers, and thank you for continuing the conversation afterwards in our podcast – now available on Soundcloud!

For now, here's our speaker's top tips for 2018. Enjoy and good luck with your New Year's resolutions!

Lucille's tips:

  1. Breathe – "whenever you feel the signs of stress in your body, take one minute to inhale and exhale deeply"
  2. Be selfish – "take care of yourself before taking care of other people, identify your own self-care moments and take the time to do them"
  3. Say no – "saying no to some things may allow you to say yes to other things, opening up more opportunities more aligned to your goals"
  4. Sleep – "it's the most underrated health habit and so important, think about how many hours you need and try to achieve it"
  5. Be grateful – "think about all the positive things from your day, week or month – focus on these instead of any negative thoughts"
  6. Exercise – "great for the body and the mind, think about incorporating gentle exercise into your work life, such as walking meetings"
  7. Digital detox – "keep your bedroom as a phone-free zone, or at least turn it off as soon as you want to go to sleep"
  8. Prioritise – "Split a large project into manageable 45-minute tasks and tackle them first thing every morning – your project will be complete in no time!"
  9. Planning – "Plan one thing and commit to it for three weeks so it becomes habit, then plan something else and gradually keep adding to your routine"
  10. Live – "Enjoy 2018!"

​Sarah's tips:

  1. Smart working – "your workforce aren't all the same so why should their work environment be? Think about adding personality, a space to brainstorm and share ideas, extra storage, plants, subdued lighting and comfy chairs – anything to encourage staff to leave their desks and take a break."
  2. Embrace the light – "natural light is great and can enhance productivity, but what if you don't have that much natural light? Use artificial light in layers – think about desk lamps, floor lamps, low-hanging lights, different bulb brightness – it all helps"
  3. Tie in the tech – "a few small-scale changes with technology can change a working space into a positive, modern space. Think about adding phone chargers, USB outlets, touch screens and computer screens."
  4. Connect with nature – "bringing the outside in can have a hugely positively impact – plants can purify the air, look appealing and encourage productivity."
  5. Sound control – "particularly an issue in open-plan environments, think about using different surfaces, fabrics and good design to combat sound issues and make your environment a friendlier place to work."
  6. Take time out – "invest in spaces, infrastructure and activities around the workplace to encourage staff to move away from their desk – particularly at lunchtimes!"

Kieran's tips:

  1. Avoid the vicious cycle of 'all or nothing' – "if you aim to do everything right away you might not achieve it, and you might end up giving in. A day off exercising turns into a week or month of not doing exercise and that's far worse than consistently doing something. The all or nothing mind-set keeps us from progressing."
  2. Start small and build up – "Think about what exercise you could fit into your busiest week at work – it could be a 10 minute walk at lunchtime, or exercises just before you get into bed – and start with that one small thing. Do this for a few weeks and consider adding more exercise. It doesn't have to be a lot, but it should be consistent."
  3. Enjoy – "Whatever you do this year, enjoy it and you'll have a happier, healthier and more productive 2018."

The next Leeds Trinity Business Network Lunch is on Wednesday 28 February 2018. We look forward to seeing you there!