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Alumni Darryl and Adam welcome travellers to Melbourne  

Posted by. Leeds Trinity University
Posted on 06 August 2018

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​Two Leeds Trinity University alumni who travelled the world together after graduating have now set up their own travel company, based in Australia.

Darryl Newby and Adam Ogle graduated from Leeds Trinity in 2010 – Adam with a degree in Sports Journalism, Darryl with a degree in Film and TV. They went on an around-the-world adventure before settling in Melbourne, Australia.

They both started working for an Australian travel agency, before setting up their own business, Welcome to Travel, which aims to help travellers visiting new countries. We caught up with them to talk about their business, and why students should consider travelling as part of their university experience.

Why should students consider going travelling?

Darryl: In my opinion travel is the best form of education, I wouldn't have had the courage if I didn't go to university. I remember going to university and making friends with people from all over the UK, travel does this however on a global level and it is the only antidote for ignorance. You learn so many more life lessons whilst travelling, about different cultures, views, opinions and you learn more about yourself.

Adam: Students should consider travelling for a few reasons but simply put, it broadens the mind. There's a lot of beautiful places to see and incredible things to experience but we should also need to realise how accessible this is in comparison to our relatives. We are the generation of travellers and we are extremely lucky to be able to do this. 

When we go to university, 90% of us move to a new city and step outside of our comfort zone. Travelling is that exact feeling, but the next notch up. If you loved the experience of University then there's a huge chance you'll love travelling.

What are your top tips?

Adam: I'd say be open-minded, whether that's to fellow travellers you meet, the local people and customs or even trying new food, go out and get it.

Darryl: Say yes to as many opportunities as possible and try not to creep into old habits, meaning don't travel to the other side of the world to spend all your time watching Netflix or just talking to people on social media. Put yourself out there and meet as many people as possible, you never know where the next conversation may take you.

Why Australia?

Darryl: Australia is the best place in the world to work and travel. Not only has it got some of the most beautiful places in the world, which we have grown up wanting to go to, but when you work over there on a Working Holiday Visa (417) the minimum you can make an hour is $16.60AUD but a standard job just working in a bar you'd expect to earn $23AUD (£12.70) an hour!

Adam: For British people, it's a really easy place to start. It's English speaking, there's nothing majorly culturally different and there's a huge travelling community.

Tell us more about your new business, Welcome to Travel?

Adam: After being a backpacker, then working in youth travel for six years, Darryl and I decided to set up Australia's most unique, inclusion packed and relatable welcome pack. We didn't want to just run a tour or just welcome people to Melbourne or Australia, we wanted to put together something that gives a true welcome to travelling itself. That led us to calling it Welcome to Travel.

Our trip helps show people around the city, ticks off bucket list items (surfing and kangaroo feeding) and gives a group atmosphere to enjoy it all within. We also organise the important things people worry such as airport shuttles, the first seven nights of accommodation, phone sim, bank account and tax details for employment; which is something we also help with.

What advice do you offer through your business?

Adam: Real advice and in person too. When it comes to Melbourne, Australia and travelling in general, we'd like to think we can help with anything. Something we understand is that travelling throws up a hell of a lot of questions. What we do (and I've never seen anyone do this) is offer free travel advice Skype calls. People want to ask a lot of questions and many of them are in depth and about their own personal situation. While emailing is great, it's a lot better to jump online, see a person that's done it all before and connect with them. We find that people end the calls a lot more relaxed about their travels, which in turn leaves them a lot more excited.

Darryl: We also have a weekly travel show called Ask Travel, where people comment on the previous video with questions about travelling and we answer them. We particularly like answering them if the customers are from Leeds Trinity.

We actually had a customer on our four-day tour just recently and we found out he went to Leeds Trinity and we had the same lecturer, the man, the legend, David Dodd.

How did your business come about? What have been the highlights and challenges?

Adam: It came about on the back of our passions and experience in the industry. We wanted to show off our new home but also show things that some people never see. That's our unique selling point, we're showing off Melbourne but also from a local's perspective. Our highlights so far would be filming our promo video, running our first trips and reading reviews about us. They're the important things. The funny videos are just that, something that's a bit of fun and great for exposure. Talking of exposure, that's our biggest challenge!

Darryl: It is funny that people who we meet recently think that we're new in travel, however we have been working in the youth travel industry over here in Australia for seven years! We started off as consultants and within three-and-a-half years we were Operations Managers for the largest backpacker travel agency over here in Australia, where Adam was managing 20 shops around Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and NZ where I was doing the other part of the operations for the 20 East Coast stores in Australia.

What do you love about travelling and Australia?

Adam: I love that you can be experienced in travelling yet you will never have a sense of completion. There's always more to see and do and you can always be surprised, you can always be excited and you can always feel a healthy nervousness when going to new places. It's an incredible buzz. A mix of Christmas, first day of school and a first date.

I love that Australia is huge and has diversity in its climate, cities and food. It's like many different countries in one. I also love that it has comforts of home but a more laid back approach. Plus, the weather is a winner.

Darryl: The diversity! I always assumed that Australia was a beach destination, but it offers so much more than that. You can still learn to surf down on Phillip Island or in Byron Bay, whilst seeing dolphins catch the same waves and in North Queensland you can also see what is beneath the surface at the Great Barrier Reef, but the Outback is stunningly breath-taking, you also have the world's oldest living rainforest in Australia. And you can also snowboard and ski in Australia, yes you read that right!

What do you miss about the UK?

Adam: Football being on at a normal time.

Darryl: That and some fish and chips from Scarborough.

What do you remember about Leeds Trinity?

Darryl: Apart from the football team, my lecturers and of course Lynn Johnson, it was the nights out in Leeds, then the next day doing the long, gruelling walk up to Trinity from Horsforth station.

Adam: Singing on the back seat of the bus, great work placements and playing football. And the saying 'Google is not God' by Dean Naidoo.

What did you most enjoy?

Adam: Meeting some of my best friends for life.

Darryl: I made so many amazing friends, but also from my course I have been able to apply some theory for our marketing videos, which has been very useful.

Would you recommend Leeds Trinity?