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Mythologies: The epic saga of Leeds Trinity University's 2018 Anthology

Posted by. Kate Kennedy
Posted on 30 October 2018


​​Leeds Trinity Creative Writing student Kate Kennedy was one of the editors of Leeds Trinity's latest anthology Mythologies. In this blog Kate writes creatively about her experience. 

For several years now, Leeds Trinity University's Master of Arts in Creative Writing students have, at the end of their course, sailed forth into the wider world upon their very own Argo. Our ship, perhaps even the one emblazoned on Leeds Trinity's logo, has set forth upon its own literary journey, with our Captain at the helm, Professor and poet Oz Hardwick, and skilfully navigated by Senior Lecturer Amina Alyal.

Our crew, Kate Kennedy and Alexa Marie Russel, were involved from the first day of its construction, choosing the theme, finding and encouraging other students, staff, Leeds Trinity alumni, and WordSpace familiars to join this adventurous journey in the form of submitting their writings for the publication.

The publication process began at the end of spring, when the winter chill had begun to lift, and the creative waters were starting to flow freely once more. Students, staff, alumni, and WordSpace members were all alerted to the opportunity, to the riches of this adventure — seeing your name and works in print, a heady reward for any writer of poetry or prose — and to the date of our scheduled departure. In due time we had crew members making submissions: fancy tales, epic sagas, legends and folklore, stories of woe and misadventure, of heroes overcoming great odds. Within two months we were ready to select the fittest, most able, and entertaining tales to be included.

At this point our captain and navigator aided us in ensuring the ship was fully kitted out for the seas and voyage ahead. Submissions were refined, read and reread time and again, ensuring that each fit the theme, that its place upon our page was earned, that we had been able to best represent our small but productive community to its utmost. The pages were aligned, the stars and tide in our favour, we loaded up the final proof, approved its layout, its pagination, the cover image, and pushed 'send'. The whooshing noise as it slipped into the sea-ether, the sense of relief as we saw it float steadily away was magical. We'd built a great ship, one that would sail majestically, a publication that would serve the name of Leeds Trinity University well wherever it may sail.

In the weeks following we began promoting the publication. Ilkley Literature Festival was generous in offering to host an event at their festival, and we were elated when we were given a slot in the first week of the programme. On Tuesday evening, 2 October , at the Playhouse we read from the pages of our anthology, telling tall tales and gripping yarns of our adventures. We were thrilled to see the readers. If you did not make it, don't forget about us, our journey may not be as spellbinding as Jason's and we have no Golden Fleece, but tales are still available for you to read, all you need do is contact our captain, Oz Hardwick, who has copies of Mythologies available to buy, or here from Indigo Dreams Publishing.