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Catholic identity

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​​​​​​Leeds Trinity University was established in 1966 as two Catholic teacher training colleges, Trinity College and All Saints College. Over the last 50 years, the Institute has evolved and developed to become an acclaimed university with a diverse education offer, but our Catholic faith foundation remains central to our activities. 
Guided by our Christian ethos, we're committed to ensuring everyone in our community feels valued – Catholics, those of other Christian denominations or religions and those who don't profess a faith.

We encourage dialogue and teaching of the Catholic Church and uphold academic freedom that leads to authentic learning. We articulate our Catholic identity through:
  • a varied worship programme in the Chapel​​​
  • training for teachers in the Catholic sector 
  • an institutional commitment to fostering the common good of society
  • the Chaplaincy​, which is committed to pastoral care, guidance and building a community
  • fostering a Christian ethos that helps everyone feel valued
  • national and international initiatives in collaboration with the Catholic Church
  • sponsoring regular ecumenical and interfaith events

Catholic heritage values

Newman Univer​sity and St Mary's University are two UK universities th​at share our Catholic heritage values. We're committed to the Catholic Church's ongoing commitment to the service of society in this country and internationally, offering our resources for the good of all.

Together, we are dedicated to:
  • developing well-rounded unique individuals, ​capable of transformation and growing in knowledge and awareness
  • raising awareness of the world we live in to actively engage with injustice and inequality with wisdom and compassion
  • encouraging ideas that mark out human society. We're committed to ideas of intellectual rigour, honesty and critical openness that have always characterised Catholic approaches to learning
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