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Leeds Children's University

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​​Leeds Children's UniversityTM​ w​orks with local schools to provide exciting and innovative voluntary learning activit​​​ies for children aged 7- to 14-year-olds.

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Graduation 2017

More than 100 pupils from five Leeds schools graduated from Leeds Children's UniversityTM at a prestigious graduation ceremony at Leeds Trinity University on Tuesday 10 January.

The pupils, aged 7 to 14 years, were each were awarded certificates for completing 30 or more hours of  learning activities outside of school as part of the Leeds Children's UniversityTM programme.

Take a look at our gallery below and see how our young graduates celebrated the occasion: 


​How does it work?

Every child that becomes a member of Leeds Children's UniversityTM receives their own Passport to Learning which they can use to collect stamps when they take part in activities in Learning Destinations. Certificates are awarded when a child reaches targets:​
  • Bronze Award Certificate: 30 hours of Childre​n's UniversityTM Learning Activities
  • Silver Award Certificate: 65 hours of Children's UniversityTM Learning Activities
  • Gold Award Certificate: 100 hours of Children's UniversityTM Learning Activities​
Certificates are normally presented at Awards events in schools. These are fantastic occasions for children, parents, carers and school staff. The pinnacle is our annual graduation ceremony held at Leeds Trinity when the children get to wear gowns and mortar boards.

Learning Destinations

Leeds ​Trinity University and partner schools are all official Learning Destinations. In addition, Leeds Children​'s University has validated 20 local organisat​ions, ranging from museums and galleries to dance and drama groups, to become public Learning Destinations where children can take part in high-quality learning activities.​​

Click for all our Learning Destinations


Leeds Children's UniversityTM​ works with seven schools and is in discussion with several more that have expressed an interest in joining. We welcome enquiries from schools wanting to find out more. ​​

Find out more

You can ask any questions and find out more by contacting Gillian Elvidge, Senior Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer on +44 (0) 113 283