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Arthur Caraher





​Why did you choose to attend Leeds Trinity?

I chose Trinity for three reasons. Firstly, I wasn't sure which career path I wished to follow and therefore the flexibility of the course content meant I could choose which career to follow at a later date.  I also had relatives living in Leeds at the time and I wanted to leave Northern Ireland which was a very troubled region in the 1970's.

What means most to you about your time with us?

The friendships which I developed in those days are the memories which I will always cherish.

What were your thoughts about the world when you were a student?

I suppose, as a student, I wouldn't have had very radical views compared with some of my contemporaries in terms of national or international affairs. Having said that I do remember that Apartheid in South Africa was a major issue for the Students Union in the late 1970's and that there was a bank boycott campaign at that time. However, from a personal point of view, whilst I was certainly interested in the campaign, I was more study/career focussed and wanted to make a dynamic contribution to whichever career path I would follow.

And how have these views changed now?

I would say that my general views on the world as a whole would not have changed much over the years but TASC and particularly the ad hoc debates students would have between themselves certainly broadened my mind and made me far more aware of current affairs whilst not really encouraging me to go out to change the world.

How did your time studying with us benefit you?

My time at Leeds Trinity greatly assisted me in becoming much more self-confident and outgoing which was absolutely a pre-requisite for tackling the vagaries of the experience of life with regard to both career and personal experiences. 

What is your current role and what have been your career highlights to date?

I am an Accountant and am presently working part-time with a view to gradually retiring within the next 5 years.  The highlight of my career to date has been as a group accountant for 4 companies where I under took to successfully develop a system of departmentalised accounts where practically none existed before I started with the company.

You visited campus during the summer in 2015, how did it feel to be back?

It's always a privilege and a slightly emotionally nostalgic experience to revisit my old Alma mater.

I must say that I was very impressed with the developments I witnessed during my visit - particularly the media facilities as well as the accommodation and library - and I am sure that the University will go from strength to strength and even more so now that it is a University in its own right.