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Jordan Beaumont

Jordan Beaumont




I thoroughly enjoyed my course too, not just because it covered everything in depth but I really appreciated the teaching style.​

​2013 alumnus Jordan Beaumont launched his own Nutrition business in July 2015. He has always had a passion for cooking and this developed further in 2006 after undertaking a GCSE in Food Technology.  A few years later, whilst studying A Level Food Technology he became immersed in Nutrition too. This was a life changing experience for Jordan, as at the time he weighed nearly 19 stone.  

After changing his lifestyle using the knowledge he gained during his degree at Leeds Trinity, he managed to lose over 7 stone. Jordan realised the positive changes that he made himself could also benefit others. His combined passions for teaching, nutrition and cooking have moulded him in to an outstanding nutritionist – not just one who knows the theory but someone who has successfully made huge lifestyle changes himself. 

What were your aspirations before coming to University?

I'd always wanted to teach and I've always loved cooking.  At secondary school all I wanted to do was cook!  When I was a student at Bruntcliffe School (Morley, Leeds) I helped with Food Technology practical and theory lessons.  It was actually one of my school teachers from Bruntcliffe who recommended the course to me at Leeds Trinity, knowing how much I loved cooking and nutrition. 

What did you enjoy most about your time at Leeds Trinity?

I really enjoyed the friendly community, there was always someone on hand willing to help, whether I needed academic or other support.  I thoroughly enjoyed my course too, not just because it covered everything in depth but I really appreciated the teaching style. The lecturers I had were truly inspirational and were extremely passionate about their subjects.

An added bonus was being able to return to Bruntcliffe School to undertake my Leeds Trinity University six-week work placement.  

What have you done since graduating?

After completing my course in 2013 I studied a Master of Medical Science in Human Nutrition at the University of Sheffield.  Shortly afterwards, in July 2015, I went on to set up my own business, Beaumont Nutrition. 

Can you tell us more about your business?

I offer one-to-one or group consultations to clients.  I currently share a room at Fight Science Leeds (a Mixed Martial Arts Gym) a few days a week. I'm planning to expand a little, hopefully have my own office and offer a wider range of services.

I'm really driven by the miscommunication about nutrition, and I'd like to increase the awareness of healthy sustainable diets and help clients make positive lifestyle changes. I really like to inspire people to cook too, I've developed a wide range of recipes that I offer to clients as part of my consultancy services to try and get them into the kitchen a little more.

And what about the future?

I'm really determined to grow the business I've just launched and see it develop.  I'm a great fan of Chinese and Japanese cuisine and am planning a trip to both countries, not just as a holiday, but to experience and research the food too.

In the future I'd love to pursue a career in Dietetics within the NHS, and a PhD is definitely on the cards. I'd be really interested in making a positive difference in society by working with charities and the NHS. Another aspiration I have is to be a Nutrition University Lecturer. 

You can find more about Beaumont Nutrition on Jordan's website here