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Ian Harker

Ian Harker




​2005 Communication and Cultural Studies and Media alumnus, Ian Harker, secured a two-book deal with respected poetry publisher, Templar Poetry in 2015.  Ian was chosen as one of three winners of Templar Poetry's Pamphlet Competition and his debut collection, The End of the Sky, launched at the Derwent Literature Festival in November 2015.

Ian started writing poetry during the first year of his degree at Leeds Trinity in 2002 and, since graduating, he has vigorously pursued a career in poetry. His work has been published in a number of magazines and last year he was also shortlisted for two major competitions - the Bridport Prize and the Troubadour prize. 

"The momentum for my poetry built at Leeds Trinity for two reasons. Firstly, going to university really inspired me and gave me the freedom to meet new people and gather new ideas. Secondly, I couldn't afford a television license, so I read in my room instead!

The course had superb staff, and lecturers such as John Poulter really opened up my mind and started my critical thinking processes. Outside of lectures, I was also an active member of the Drama Society."

Since graduating, Ian has worked at Blackwells Bookshop, in Leeds, which will be the venue for his first book launch. As well as working in Blackwells, Ian is also a volunteer English Language Teacher for refugees and asylum seekers.​

Ian added: 

There isn't a lot of money in poetry, but I've always immersed myself in it for the love of writing. The time and energy I've put into poetry is now paying off and I'm delighted to have my work recognised.  Exciting times are ahead, but initially I need to publicise my first book and then work on making the second one longer. I'm determined to keep up the quality of my work and firmly believe in the old adage that you're only as good as your last book.