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Mark Kielesz-Levine

Mark Kielesz-Levine




Within five months of graduating I had been offered a contract at Made in Leeds TV and I worked my way up to be the Lead New Presenter.​

Mark definitely got more than a degree at Leeds Trinity, he was able to follow his dream and hails his experience as to why he has the career he has now.  

Why do you feel you got more than a degree by studying at Leeds Trinity?

When I came to Leeds Trinity I already had an undergraduate degree and a masters, but what I did not have was a career. When I decided to take the plunge and do a PG Dip Broadcast Journalism at Leeds Trinity, I had been doing odd jobs - including working in club promotions. I've always thought of myself as very ambitious but I knew the path I was on was not going anywhere. Being at Leeds Trinity allowed me to finally follow my dream. Not only was the standard of training and teaching excellent but the support and the contacts in industry of those who taught me was second to none. Quite simply, without Leeds Trinity I would not have the career I have now. I am eternally grateful.

Within five months of graduating I had been offered a contract at Made in Leeds TV and I worked my way up to be the Lead New Presenter. 

What made you choose to attend Leeds Trinity and what are your best/funniest memories from your time here?

I heard fantastic things about the course and the experience of those who teach it made it an easy decision to choose Leeds Trinity. I had spoken to people who had previously completed the course and who now worked in the industry I wanted to be in, and they had only positive things to say about it. 

My funniest moments probably came when mixing with my course mates. We all became very close and spent a lot of time together. There was never a dull moment and even when we were stressed with work and deadlines, we always managed to make each other laugh and smile. We had our own Eurovision party and went out a lot! I'd say one of the funniest moments came at the start with a 'get to know me' presentation which involved you taking a photo of yourself as part of describing who you are. I chose to mock up what appeared to be a nude photo of myself... It was voted as the winner, so take what you want from that!

What have you done since graduation and what is your current job?

Since graduation I freelanced as a broadcast journalist for companies such as Global, Bauer and Made in Leeds TV. At Made in Leeds TV I have progressed from freelancing as a Television Journalist for Made in Leeds TV (February 2015) to freelancing as the stand-in News Presenter whilst being a freelance Television Journalist (April 2015) to becoming a full time Television Journalist (June 2015) to now becoming the lead News Presenter (November 2015).

What advice would you give to this year's graduates about to embark on their careers?

Never say no! Its tough out there and those who make it rarely say no. Trinity gives you some amazing tools to help you succeed, so use them to go as far as you can. Don't be afraid of making mistakes; just because you've left University, it does not mean you've stopped your learning experiences. Above all, remain humble and never forget where you've come from!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Hopefully, deeper in the industry and continuing to be better. I want to keep improving and learning as much as I can. I have dreams and ambitions, such as being a Journalist and Newsreader for Sky Sports, so hopefully I'll be closer to making that dream a reality!