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Chantelle Theodorou

Chantelle Theodorou

Interventions Facilitator, Hampshire Probation Trust




​Could you briefly explain your working day?

After graduating, I worked alongside Offender Managers, Police and the Court teams to manage and deliver General Offending Behaviour programmes to offenders. This job was tough as I run groups with 12 men and women, who are often living chaotic and unstable lives. I helped engage and motivate them into wanting to achieve better lives for themselves by focussing on their strengths, goals and protective factors. 

How did studying at Leeds Trinity help you reach your current position?

If I hadn't studied at Leeds Trinity, I would not be on the path I am today. The lecturers went above and beyond to guide me in the right direction. I can't thank them enough. After I finished my degree at Leeds Trinity, Paul Smith helped me with my application for studying an MSc Applied Forensic Psychology at the University of York.

How were your professional work placements?

I worked with the Police for one and in a Children's Secure Unit for another and they helped me gain the necessary experience to turn theory into practice. Doing the placements for me was the most exciting part. They helped me get a taste of the career I was working towards. It justified all the reasons why I picked this field and motivated me to push even harder to achieve my goals.

What did you enjoy most about being a student at Leeds Trinity?

The beauty of Leeds Trinity is it's big enough to make you feel excited and parties were never few and far between. But it was small enough to make you feel like a close-knit family. All the staff and students knew each other and I genuinely don't think that would be found anywhere else.

Any other comments on being a student at Leeds Trinity?

I wish I could come back. Enjoy it while you're there!