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Miki Vyse

Miki Vyse

President of the Students’ Union, 2013-2015




What made you choose Leeds Trinity?

As soon as I stepped onto campus on my first Open Day I felt like I could see myself walking down the corridors, and then when I met John Poulter at the Applicant Day, I knew that this was the place for me!

What clubs and societies were you involved with?

I was involved in RAG (Raising And Giving) as soon as I started, and got elected as RAG Officer three weeks after starting. I was also a member of the Psychology society, and the Cheerleaders for a while! I was what people call a Keeno, involved in anything and everything.

How do you feel your time at Leeds Trinity has supported you in your career and life more generally?

I did some really cool placements, and got some great support off the careers team​ when applying for jobs. But when we talk about how much I've grown as a person since being at LTU, it's been incredible. I've learnt when to fight and when to stand down, I've learnt what it means to work hard, and I have definitely learnt the best about socialising and what real friends are. 

What made you run for President (twice)?

I was always a part of the Students' Union (SU), and really loved my time as RAG Officer. I knew that students wanted the SU to be steered in a different direction, and I thought I could do the job. After my first year, I was really aware that there were still some really exciting changes and things that hadn't quite happened, and I wanted to keep delivering on my promises.

How do you feel about coming to the end of your sabbatical term?

All of the emotions! I'm excited for my future, but Trinity is my home, so I'm getting a bit nervous about saying goodbye to the place that's helped make me, me.

What were the highlights of your two year stint as President?

Oh wow, that's a tricky one. There's so many. I'm really proud of the way we're now talked about, the Union has really changed in the past 18 months, but I think it's got to be our work with student representation, making the university work in collaboration with us on key issues is really great fun.

What was your biggest challenge as President?

Sometimes it was really hard to say no to things, and sometimes it was really hard to feedback negative things, but I suppose it makes you learn to fight harder beforehand.

What will you miss most about Leeds Trinity when you leave?

The people. Hands down. I've had the absolute pleasure of working and learning from some of the most inspirational and talented people I think it's ever possible to meet, and our students get that on a day-to-day basis, so I'm really going to miss them. I'm also going to miss how much people stick up for each other, it's not in every university that no matter who you are Trinity comes first, and whether that's at Sports matches, nights out or just being in the street, we're a family and that's going to be hard to wave goodbye to.