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Kirsty Nutter

Kirsty Nutter

Founder of Nutsy Studios




​After graduating in 2013, Kirsty Nutter decided to take her future into her own hands and setup Nutsy Studios – a motion design company that offers video services to businesses worldwide. In less than a year, the business became very successful, picking up an array of national and international clients from as far afield as Australia! 

Can you give an overview of your career since graduating?

After graduating from Leeds Trinity with a first-class degree in Television Studies, I knew that I wanted a career in animation and video. I'd gained animation experience in a previous role and so felt I had the confidence to setup my own business, which is when Nutsy Studios was created. The main goal of Nutsy Studios is to simply explain business ideas through fun and engaging animated videos. In less than a year, my business had expanded overseas, with customers in Australia, USA, Amsterdam and Nigeria. 

Why did you choose to study Television Studies, and why Television Studies at Leeds Trinity University?

I chose to study Television Studies because, initially, I wanted a job in television production. The course at Leeds Trinity stood out to me because it was a lot more 'hands-on' in co​mparison to other universities I had visited. The University has a professional television studio, so I knew that some modules would be practical as well as theoretical. The professional work placements included with the degree also stood out to me as, again, they gave you the chance to work in a professional environment. In fact, if it wasn't for the professional work placement that I was given, I wouldn't have my own business today.

What was the best thing about studying at Leeds Trinity?

The varied modules which were available every year. Every module I had was completely different from the rest, which kept me continuously engaged throughout my degree. The various modules gave me a chance to explore every part of television, both on a practical and theoretical level, with modules even touching on aspects which you didn't think would be a part of television but in fact, were.

How did your course help you to develop your skills in your chosen field?

I first touched on the skills I use in my animation work through a module called Digital Media. The module introduced me to computer software used for making graphics and motion design. I was able to really progress my knowledge and skills through a variety of engaging assignments in this module, again part-practical and part-theoretical. My work placement then allowed me to further develop these skills which helped me greatly in my third year at university for a 'media production portfolio' I had to complete.

How did your course at Leeds Trinity inspire you to setup your own business in animation, motion design and video?

My course inspired me to setup my own business mainly through the modules within the course. Each module gave me so much knowledge, which helped me decide to take the plunge in working for myself. I also gained a lot of confidence throughout my time at Leeds Trinity from my module lecturers. I saw how successful they have been in their past and present careers, even having their own businesses and being a lecturers at the same time which is what I would like to do in the future, and it inspired me to work for myself from a young age. 

What's been the highlight of your career so far?

Landing my first overseas job in Australia. It gave me a lot of confidence to pursue work in other parts of the world that has resulted in me working for clients worldwide.

How did the University support you in setting up your own business?

The University supported me first and foremost by always keeping in contact through email as soon as I left. I always received useful information about business advice and financial support which I could apply for. I was also directly invited to attend a six-week business workshop at Leeds Trinity, which was very insightful for me and I even picked up a business contact through it. But I think Leeds Trinity supported me right back when I was given my first work placement, as it's here where I had the chance to develop my skills in animation and motion design.

What would be your advice to any students and graduates thinking about setting up their own business?

My main advice would be to write three main goals that you would like to achieve from your own business. This will continuously drive you forward, even at the times when what you're doing is very demanding. Also, networking has been a big part of my work achievements. Whether it's face-to-face or online, I am continuously meeting new prospective clients, especially via LinkedIn. Don't wait for the clients to come to you, go out and find them!

Why would you recommend studying at Leeds Trinity University – from an academic, employability and personal perspective?

From an academic perspective, there is such a variety of modules that the course enables you to learn more in-depth about many different aspects around your degree that you wouldn't even have thought of. From an employability level, Leeds Trinity is the only University that I came across that had work placements as a module. This resulted in me landing a full-time job as soon as I finished my degree because I was given the chance to develop my skills in a working environment, while making business contacts.

From a personal level, the lecturers at Leeds Trinity take the time to create relationships with every student. They take the time to go through work with you that you may not understand, and they always hold an open-door policy where you can go and speak to them in their office at any time, whatever the reason.

Is there anything that makes Leeds Trinity stand out as being a leading provider of media-related education?

The practical side of the course at Leeds Trinity definitely stood out to me when choosing my degree. The camera equipment, ​computer software and the television studio were of a high, professional quality, meaning you could really get hands-on and understand the different job roles in television production.  

And finally, how did your time at Leeds Trinity University give you more than a degree?

My time at Leeds Trinity gave me more than a degree as it also gave me confidence and extra knowledge on a more personal level in setting up my business. The support I have received from my past lecturers has been great and the fact that they show that they still care about my development is something you don't get very often, especially in such a fast-paced education environment where new students are walking through the doors every year.