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Rich Hayden

Rich Hayden

Director at Rejuvenate Productions – a digital agency specialising in web design and video production




​Staff member Alex Carter interviewed Rich Hayden on campus when he was speaking at a Business masterclass session.

What was your highlight whilst at Leeds Trinity?

That would be landing my first video job. An outside production company contacted the University and asked if they knew of any students who were capable of doing some filming at the House of Lords. The lecturers knew that I and some of my peers were interested in video production so we were sent down to film a board meeting for the Institute of Financial Accountants. It was quite a boring meeting but it opened my eyes to the endless opportunities that a career in Media could provide.

Where did you go for your professional work placement?

I worked at the BBC in Birmingham as a Production Assistant for the Gardener's World programme which was filmed live at the NEC. I was tasked with choosing the music which would be played when the programme went out live. This was quite a big challenge for me at such a young age but something I relished.

What one piece of advice would you give to current students?

Take advantage of the facilities that are available to you at the University. There is millions of pounds worth of equipment at your disposal which can only help your career in the long-run.

Where has your career taken you since graduation?

When I graduated, in 2000, I realised that I would need to make some money in order to fulfil the dream of running my own production company. My first job was at Bupa in Horsforth where I processed paperwork for six months. I then moved on to UKI where I sold car insurance for Tesco – this is where I first met my now business partner. We used to work the same shifts so we had time to work on Rejuvenate in our spare time and the business kicked off. We left to become self-employed.

In a nutshell, Rejuvenate is an award-winning media design agency based in Leeds. Our work is split into two areas – web design and video production. We've done work for a wide range of clients including Adidas, the NHS, Holiday Inn and the Guardian.

When I first became self-employed my hours were really long. I'd start at 6am at the office where I'd meet with clients to work on web design. Then I'd drive down to London to film a video and get back around 4am.

Following that time, my main duties include quoting projects, taking care of the output of work, delivering projects and motivating my team.

I also do a lot of networking and client acquisition so I can strike up new deals for the business. 

What would be your dream job?

Building Nike's website.

Person you'd most like to work with?

We do some work for Virgin Active so I'm leaning towards Richard Branson

What's your most embarrassing career moment?

There's a few. I'd say sending an email to about one thousand government businesses which shouldn't have gone out!

If you were to take a gap year, what would you do?

One of my biggest regrets after leaving University is not taking time out to go travelling so I'd probably explore the world with my family. 

Sum yourself up in three words.

Honest, open and friendly.