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Rebecca Hosking

Rebecca Hosking

Recruitment Co-ordinator, AECOM




​What made you choose to attend Leeds Trinity University?​​​​​​​

I made a last minute decision to go to university and I had a few friends going to Leeds Trinity. I was also very interested in the course the university offered!

What are your best memories from your time here?

Some good memories of socialising with new friends.

How do you feel your time at Leeds Trinity has supported you in your career and life more generally?

My degree has definitely helped me to get work easily. For various reasons I have frequently moved house over the past eight years and as a result I have needed to find work in a number of different companies. I have never had any trouble with finding work at extremely short notice and I believe this is partly due to my degree.

Please give a brief summary of your career since graduation and some of your highlights.

Reed Business Information – Sutton (2006-2008) Marketing Executive, promoted to Senior Marketing Executive within six-months.

Highlights were being awarded team player of the month and sales person of the quarter within the first year. Afterwards, I took a sideways step to Senior Sales Support which involved more reporting and analysis and less sales, as I was keen to move away from the sales side of the business.

I took a career break to have my first child (2008-2009)

Chanel – Croydon (2009-2010) Pensions Fleet and HR Co-ordinator, my first experience of working in a HR department which I saw as a natural progression from my previous sales support role.

Hesly Group – Doncaster (2010-2012) Recruitment Co-ordinator. This role incorporated a lot of my previous HR experience but with more emphasis on recruitment. This is a role which I thoroughly enjoyed and excelled in.

Since 2012, I have worked for AECOM -St Albans, as a Recruitment Administrator. I was forced to leave my previous role due to relocation but after finding that recruitment was something that I enjoyed and was good at I was compelled to find a similar role in St Albans.

I was fortunate enough to find the perfect role working for an international company with a growing in-house recruitment department in my new home town. I found the job and started working for AECOM within a month of moving to St Albans and I received a promotion to Recruitment Co-ordinator within the first two-months of working there.

What advice would you give current students and recent graduates embarking on a similar career path?

My route into recruitment was not an obvious one given that I started out looking for a career in marketing. However, I believe my career move was so smooth because I spent a lot of time assessing exactly which areas of work I enjoyed and excelled at and I slowly gravitated towards these.

Therefore, my advice would be to constantly reassess your job and career aspirations as your career progresses, and not to focus too much on achieving a career based on your specific degree discipline. From my experience, if you're passionate about something and have a degree in something else, then your degree can still help you to achieve your goals regardless of the discipline.